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If he'd pursued any of these abovementioned avenues, he could have been directed to any number of other essays, journal entries, blog posts, works of fiction, pieces of music, pieces of art, and long, thoughtful, heartfelt conversations about this exact topic, and answering his question about why atheists grieve before he'd ignorantly bloviated about it.
There is not much that has escaped the critical eye of American comedian Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, in his perfectly crafted parody of bloviated right-wing cable television talk shows and their hosts.
The ensuing section takes a new look at federal court decisions beginning in the 1960s, paying particular attention to the bloviated trio of Commission losses at the circuit court level in the 1980s, losses surrounded by Supreme Court decisions that consistently recognize the Commission's broad authority under FTC [section] 5.
Perhaps there are a few gaseous supermen who could fill three hours with sheer platitudes, weaving bloviated variations on the same insipid theme.
Herzen called her "the Joan of Arc of our time," while Flaubert journeyed overnight by train from Paris for her funeral, at which a Victor Hugo eulogy would be bloviated.
Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, which is Italian for "from Mars," bloviated that if we allow gays to marry, the next thing you know people will want to marry their pets.
But in the years that followed, they share a sky-scraping, grandiloquent self-importance that argues against everything they stood for before they became infatuated with the presidency, the bloviated notion that their own ideas are so perfect, so far above anyone else's, that in comparison there really is no significant difference between Democrats and Republicans.