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Much less do I mean to say that political scientists should bloviate about a system coming apart at the seams.
Despite an inclination for presidents to bloviate, at least two of our chief executives have praised of the value of speaking briefly and to the point.
I understand this runs counter to typical political networking, where people have the tendency to brag and bloviate.
People have always wanted to communicate, not to mention bloviate, and so the op-ed as an idea is perfectly safe.
However, the rules were bent for a former colleague who was given five minutes to bloviate about perceived inequities in the ``three strikes, you're out'' law, an issue that was not on the agenda.
CEOs are expected to make important decisions about products and policy, not to ramble, rhapsodize, rant, blue sky, build castles in the air, muse out loud or bloviate.
It may be true that more men than women like to bloviate and "bat things out"--socialization does count for something.
Like many a self-proclaimed revolutionary, Chavez seems enamored of the sound of his own voice, and he has an unpopular habit of taking over Venezuela's TV and radio stations to bloviate about his reforms.
Maybe we'll always have the poor with us because it is easier and a lot more emotionally cleansing to bloviate about crime than to deal with the causes of poverty.
Not for five-figure speaking fees, not for an honorary degree, or the opportunity to bloviate about his or her latest book, TV show, or heart-wrenching but ultimately self-promoting visit to a Third World country, but to honor the importance of the achievement.
Writers of all hues began jostling for a place in the competition for how much forcefully each could bloviate on the theme of denouncing Taliban and deifying Malala.
Sadly, it has become time to end this journal's readership's bliss and begin to bloviate here.
If anything, September 11 has intensified the contrast between the community press and the dominant media, where experts bloviate on far-flung countries and swiftly-changing events in a fashion that is collectively as bewildering as the Office of Homeland Security's color-coded terror alerts.
Even CNN, which for years responded to the broadcast networks' cutbacks by increasing its fleet of reporters around the globe, has joined the rush to bloviate, replacing many hours of reporting with talkmeisters such as Connie Chung to go up against such "news" programming as Phil Donahue and Bill O'Reilly on MSNBC and Fox News Channel.
Bilderberg is basically one of those big-think organizations wherein an elite (some of them Jews, many not) gather to bloviate about globalism, the economy, and politics; it bears more resemblance to Davos than ZOG.