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This T-shirt is uncannily like Katharine Hamnett's 80s tops; Kate Hudson at a New York fashion gala; CLASS: In her own creation; MISS; The infamous Bristols outfit did her no favours in 2001 debut; Sadie Frost honours her pal in top-to-toe Stella; Madonna looks refined in a classic winter coat; Helena Christensen at her New York store opening; Latest collection has fitted feminine shapes; HIT; Gold blouson top was widely copied this summer; Stella is happy to show off her own designs; HIT; Gwyneth Paltrow chose a Stella outfit for the recent VH1 awards
The more trendy and comfortable blousons will be worn by officers on a daily basis.
Contract notice: Framework agreement on blousons for the police and justice of saxony-anhalt.
The charity shop would then discreetly stick it out of view, behind the 70s blousons and Blue Peter annuals.
Contract award notice: Relance du lot n 2 blousons et parkas march de fourniture de vtements de travail et quipements de protection individuelle.
Oversized blousons looked cool in sporty satins with a stripe.
Lot No: 2 Lot title: blousons, caps with visors, hats
This is hippy sophistication with a touch of the New Romantic flourishes from the 80s, with frilly-edged shirts, piratical drawstring-neck blousons and embroidered hipster skirts.
The traditional peaked helmet and old-fashioned button-up tunic are set to be replaced by cycling-style headgear and fleecy waterproof blousons.
Set 2 - blousons, hats with umbrellas camouflage, hats;