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North Korea is one such "battlefield," a front in a Colonel Blotto game, in a larger strategic game between the United States and China.
attacker and defender) constant-sum Blotto game model.
We are very excited about the enhanced value that this strategic partnership will offer our clients, said Chris Blotto, Knowledgent s Chief Technologist.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Crude language and profanity lace the dialogue, and the characters drink themselves blotto.
Tomorrow, The Sons of the Desert will host another Laurel 'n' Hardy film show, Blotto at The Bartons, from 8pm, with memorabilia also on sale.
What I would call a big secret is for it to turn out that beer-swilling William Hague is an alien from the planet Blotto or the Queen is a man or former PMs are rogering ex-health ministers.
SHAPING TEXT is a key acquisition for any working with text in either electronic or print form: it gathers the works and approaches of an international team of designers and features work by Luca Barcellona, Blotto, Gray 318, Klaus Hesse and many more.
Better to be Lotto than Keno, blotto on vino, have one's
Arena, who has long been interested in social and political issues, thus returns to a theme that is extremely important to him: the phenomenon of illegal immigration, previously alluded to in works such as II peso del mio corpo da un blotto di pietra del peso di una barca (My Body's Weight from a Stone Block the Weight of a Boat), 2010, exhibited that year at Art Statements in Basel.
Not that his slovenly flat mate in the film (Nick Frost) could give a stuff if the dead had risen again or not - in fact, what better excuse than the possible end of the world to stage a lock-in down the nearest boozer and get blotto until the whole thing simply blows over.
The slobby scoundrel may merely be a front for de Vere's genius, yet he is almost as intriguing as his reluctant benefactor: dimwitted, often blotto, but willing to make the most of his position through the most sinister acts of pragmatism.
Blotto, Twinks, and the Ex-King's Daughter" is a humorous and fun mystery as author Simon Brett introduces Blotto and Twinks, children of the Duke of Tawcester.
There is no freedom of choice with these bigots typified by those who go to the UK and regularly get blotto, and when returning ban alcohol from their own house; what hypocrisy.