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Synonyms for blotter

absorbent paper used to dry ink

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the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station

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The new POSIT Alert provides seamless liquidity access across 28 countries in a single application, with improved customization options, enhanced blotter sweep filtering and new hot button capabilities to streamline trading workflow.
There have been substantial upgrades made to the look and functionality of the dealing ticket and trade blotter to give a richer user experience.
Compile the funniest police blotter items from Nevada County into a book and enlist a friend to illustrate the entries with cartoon drawings" says Liz Kellar, from The Union in Grass Valley.
For up-to-the-minute developments, here's the Austin American Statesman's blotter blog.
You know the economy is tanking when reports like this show up on the police blotter.
You'll have to excuse me now, as I get back to my new novel: Harry Blotter and the Half Wood Prince.
YORK is using a blotter machine shipped in from Durham county cricket ground to drain the track.
Glo-Mold is said to absorb dirt onto its surface in much the same fashion as a blotter absorbs water.
Simpson's inglorious return to the crime blotter, armchair psychiatrists everywhere are offering their diagnoses.
I hope you enjoy--well, that's not quite the word--this blotter.
Products include the Original Cleaning Cloth, PowerPad, Auto/Marine Cloth, Sports/Outdoor Cleaning Cloth, Super-Absorbent Drying Towel, MysticMop, Cloud Duster Mop, and Grease Blotter.
The blotter can be removed as soon as the bleeding stops ( normally a couple of minutes.
Among Alltracel's line-up is a patented anti-bleeding product, known as the Blotter, aimed at stemming minor cuts such as shaving nicks.
It may be distributed in breath-mint vials, treated sugar cubes, gel wafers called "windowpanes," pills, or decorated blotter paper that is chewed or swallowed.
The newsletter also serves as a police blotter, noting arrests and clashes between Native Americans and "occupation forces"; a calendar of events; a newspaper of record, noting deaths and graduations; and a book store offering numerous scholarly works and first-person accounts.