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Synonyms for blotter

absorbent paper used to dry ink

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the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station

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Delos Santos was identified in the blotter which was obtained by Manila Bulletin.
appeared to this station and requested to put in record that allegedly at around 3:40AM of July 7, 2019, while he was at Biggs Diner and working, one of their customers, Alfred Delos Santos of Legazpi City punched him without any apparent reason,' the blotter of Police Community Precinct 2 in Legazpi reads.
Only 15 of those filed a blotter and only one committed to pursue a case.
The blotter is often a nonlethal version of the Darwin Awards.
Alli Blotter, Bold and Bright Fest Founder, Marketing Strategist at AB Marketing & Copywriting and Comedic Rapper, Lil Brie Brie.
Most of the reports of minors in the police blotter showed, upon verification, that they were really adults.
The case also appears to have been left out of the March 20 crime blotter posted on the village website.
The police said that three suspects, including Salman, Hasan and Ayaz Jalal, had been identified by name in the blotter. The alleged victim told mediapersons that recently 'she' had participated in protests against attacks on two other transgender persons, adding that on Monday 'she' was forcibly taken away by nine people and raped.
Several tests can be performed, including dry rub (the amount of ink transfer from one dry surface to another), wet rub (the amount of ink transfer from a wet surface to another), wet bleed or transfer (ink transfer to a water-saturated blotter), wet smear (similar to wet bleed with the addition or rub cycles), functional rub/wet rub (smear or transfer tests using a liquid other than water and hot abrasion).
If you're yet to be initiated, imagine a squishy ink blotter which dispenses a super-sheer, luminising base through pinpricks in the 'cushion'.
Three generations later, Carestia presented its idea for the blotter to its customers.
However, this last incident forced Meagan to file for a blotter report because she was critical after the beating.
One of the most stoke-generating mags on the planet today, Thing Bad gets trippy with a silk-screened blotter cover.
Nargis Fakhri's tip for a shine-control skin is that one should use an oil blotter to get rid of excess shine, instead of applying powder, as it is an excellent way to soak up oil, perspiration and runny makeup without having to wipe off and reapply.