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Synonyms for blot

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Synonyms for blot

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Synonyms for blot

an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

dry (ink) with blotting paper

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Dalloway, the "thin thread" that connects Richard to Clarissa until, "as a single spider's thread is blotted with rain-drops, and, burdened, sags down," it breaks (1981, 112).
Because the statistical analysis was based upon using terminal body weights as a covariant with the uterine blotted weight data, the body weight-adjusted statistical analysis was not performed on the data from this laboratory.
The first aspect is that the efficiency of DNA transfer to the membrane is dependent on DNA size and concentration: when high concentrations of mtDNA are blotted for mtDNA overreplication analysis, the transfer may not be as complete as for the smaller nDNA fragments at much lower concentrations, and the blotting membrane could become saturated.
Athey used a scalpel to inscribe ritual patterns in the back of a fellow artist." Athey is then alleged to have "blotted the designs with pieces of paper towel and hung them over the audience on a clothesline." In other newspaper reports--and the story was widely reported around the country, all the accounts stemming from the same erroneous source--the blood of the "fellow artist" is said to have been HIV-positive.
Ten-microliter aliquots containing 2-15 [micro]g protein were blotted onto prewashed nitrocellulose membranes (0.2 [micro]m; Bio-Rad).