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Synonyms for blotch

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Synonyms for blotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

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Synonyms for blotch

an irregularly shaped spot

mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained

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* Small, circular, red or purplish spots first appear on young leaves, then coalesce into large glossy, dark, irregular blotches.
13, 5,200 have serious symptoms with at least three blotches or a blotch at least 5 centimeters in diameter, and 956 of the 5,200 have obvious white blotches over large areas such as their face and hands.
Along with various other elements, these irregular peripheral blotches recur in the same place from one painting to the next.
Vertical rows of blotches are referred to as V1-V9: V1 is represented by the blotch anteriorly on the nape; V2 includes the blotch around the dorsal fin origin, and the first blotch in row H2; V3 includes the second blotch close to the dorsal fin base, the H2 blotch below and the first blotch in row H3.
When these patches subsequently dry, they leave unsightly blotches on the plastic film.
The white spots on a fawn, or baby deer, look like blotches of sunlight shining through bushes.
And now we're starting to put blotches on the flowers, like pansies.
He had a big nose with red blotches and dark brown greying hair.
Nine-month-old Aleesha Evans was rushed to hospital by her parents who feared the tot had the deadly brain bug when she came out in purple blotches.
walindi from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but differs with regards to male colour pattern, particularly the number, shape and position of large dark blotches along the back and adjacent dorsal fin.
This Open Eye: Swollen shut the right/eye seeps semi-clotted/blood that streams/and blotches a map of/hell across the three-/year-old face.
Q:I SUFFER from recurrent red streaks and blotches that are very itchy at times, especially when I come out of the shower.
"Forty years ago, prisons were often seen as dark blotches on the landscapes," writes James Bovard in his indispensable new book, The Bush Betrayal.
At their largest, these three dark pocks and their smaller satellite blotches covered enough of the sun's surface to cause a dip in solar radiation measurable by Earth-orbiting satellites.
A spokesman for the supplier says the product improves skin firmness in lust five days and works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth skin texture, minimize the appearance of pores, blotches and age spots, and soothe dry skin.