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Synonyms for blotch

Synonyms for blotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for blotch

an irregularly shaped spot

mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained

References in classic literature ?
Fortunately the small boats presented a rather poor target, which, combined with the bad marksmanship of the Germans preserved their occupants from harm; and after a few minutes a blotch of smoke appeared upon the eastern horizon and the U-boat submerged and disappeared.
But, he got to an arched window in the tower, breast high, and holding tight, looked down upon the house-tops, on the smoking chimneys, on the blur and blotch of lights (towards the place where Meg was wondering where he was and calling to him perhaps), all kneaded up together in a leaven of mist and darkness.
With great care he draped the robe about him; the bloody blotch that had covered the severed neck he arranged about his own head.
To make sure, I looked for his shadow, and there it was, a shapeless blotch the girth of his body, (the sun was overhead), moving along the ground.
I saw the dark blotch move swiftly across the court, and a brilliant burst of vari-colored light moving with equal swiftness to meet it; and then shadow and flash came together and there was the sound of unseen blows.
All I could see was the blotch of shadow and the rainbow flashes, the dust rising from the invisible feet, the earth tearing up from beneath the straining foot-grips, and the wire screen bulge once or twice as their bodies hurled against it.
You only knew the town was there, because you knew there could have been no such sulky blotch upon the prospect without a town.
Violas are much daintier than brash, bolder pansies, which have large rounded blooms, often with a 'face' or central black blotch.
com, PS1150 DECORATIVE CUSHION Timorous Beasties grand blotch damask, Timorous Blotch damask, Timorous Beasties, www.
Take Ercol's Blotch Studio Couch, which was designed in collaboration with the renowned Glasgow-based fabric and wallpaper studio Timorous Beasties.
13, 5,200 have serious symptoms with at least three blotches or a blotch at least 5 centimeters in diameter, and 956 of the 5,200 have obvious white blotches over large areas such as their face and hands.
Spot blotch disease of wheat is considered as most important disease in the warm and humid regions during late crop season.
The beige and dun-colored wash is transformed by the artist's application of a single yellow blotch.
99 + 60 FREE Colours: Primrose, yellow blotch, white blotch, red blotch, porcelain blue, orange.
EACH OF THE EIGHT LARGE PAINTINGS--all Untitled, 2011-that Christopher Wool is showing at this year's Venice Biennale is dominated by a bulbous central blotch, taller than it is wide.