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Synonyms for blot

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Synonyms for blot

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Synonyms for blot

an act that brings discredit to the person who does it

dry (ink) with blotting paper

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If it comes up above 9, you've got Lyme arthritis," and don't need to wait for western blot results to treat, Dr.
The mast was straight; the waves were regular; the lighthouse was upright; but the blot had spread.
At the 2010 conference, Bernard Branson, MD, then Associate Director of HIV Laboratory Diagnostics, said that at the time about 20 percent of those tested in the United States never obtained Western blot confirmatory results.
Blot with the same mild soap-and-water solution recommended for removing gum.
In addition, all samples were cryopreserved below -20[degrees]C for one month and sent to the Laboratoire de Parasitologie in Marseille, France, for confirmatory testing by Western blot (LDBIO TOXO II IgG, LDBIO DIAGNOSTICS--Lyon, France).
I doubt if the citizens of that Black Country town would think of the ruins of their castle as blot on the skyline.
Although Southern and Northern blots illustrate important principles about nucleic acid chemistry and hybridization, they are very difficult to describe in lecture: it is an elaborate process to separate nucleic acid molecules by size, move the nucleic acid from gel to blot, radioactively label a probe, hybridize the probe to a target sequence on the blot, and detect the hybridized probe by exposure of the blot to x-ray film.
The Simple Western is a simplified reinvention of the Western Blot, the most popular protein characterisation technique since 1979.
The immune response of rabbit was checked by carrying out immune blot assay and qualitative ELISA.
Multiplex capability enables scientists to obtain more information in a single Western blot than chemiluminescence imaging or film, while also providing greater dynamic and linear range.
Additionally, the reported negative Western blot results demonstrated p24 and p41 bands; this test result would be considered positive by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-endorsed interpretive criteria (i.e., Western blot positivity equates to presence of any 2 of the following 3 bands: p24, p41, and gp120/160) (2).
For analysis of multiple targets, the blot is typically stripped and reprobed for additional targets of interest.
Editors Kurien and Scofield (Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation) and more than 90 co-authors provide a variety of techniques based on the Western blot protein detection method.