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Synonyms for bloom

Synonyms for bloom

the showy reproductive structure of a plant

a condition or time of vigor and freshness

a fresh rosy complexion

to bear flowers

to grow rapidly and luxuriantly

a relatively long, straight, rigid piece of metal or other solid material

Synonyms for bloom

the organic process of bearing flowers

the best time of youth

a rosy color (especially in the cheeks) taken as a sign of good health

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

a powdery deposit on a surface

produce or yield flowers

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Bloomy Pink, folky pink, boreal mauve, mosaic mauve, salsa red, gipsy red, swingy brown and melody brown.
Bloomy also alleges that she has not been paid her last few days' salary.
The exhibition is to be opened on the aim of expanding the presence of Iranian exporters in the bloomy market of Afghanistan.
which is made with pasteurized cow and goats' milk, and aged three to four weeks and features a soft-ripened, bloomy rind on the dome-shaped wheel, with Abita Fall Fest from Abita Springs, La.
THE spectacular evergreen cedar Glauca Pendula might be just 10ft to15ft tall, but its weeping branches spread to create an impressive peep-through curtain of blue bloomy leaves that can be used for framing a view or dividing a large lawn area.
Here, Blume (who wrote the LabVIEW development guidelines for Bloomy Controls Inc.
of our battered lives those bloomy bosoms that waddled in my hands must flatten today into earth offspring of our lust must die.
Bloomy specifically singled out Lauer Custom Weaponry of Wisconsin, makers of the fine corrosion-resistant Dura Coat finish.
she throws her voice into a cockroach, a Kafkaesque moment of characteristically unsentimental empathy: "I crawl up the couch leg feeling / Your blond hair, your bloomy skin.