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Synonyms for blooming

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Synonyms for blooming

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Synonyms for blooming

the organic process of bearing flowers

informal intensifiers

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Every spring, people across the country have picnics and parties to celebrate the blooming of the blossoms.
It's been an incredibly tough year as we've experienced such a hot summer but I think everybody in the town will agree Loughborough still looked blooming beautiful this year.
After blooming, it releases the foul odor that attracts insects which aids pollination.
This year, the full blooming date is March 27 for Osaka and March 24 for Tokyo.
It is tempting to seek a magic bullet--a simple and cheap solution--but the algae did not start blooming yesterday and will not stop blooming tomorrow.
For the bacteriological analysis, the samples of Chattonella marina bloom and additional reference samples from region outside the vicinity of the blooming area were collected periodically on 27 and 29 October and 1 November 2011 and were aseptically transferred into sterile polyethylene bottles.
But to the scientists' surprise, their glider measurements showed that phytoplankton were blooming even though ocean waters were getting colder, not warmer.
The market for gourmet blooming teas is hotter than ever right now, with customers turning to these beautiful teas to enjoy at home and to give as gifts.
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