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Synonyms for bloomers

underpants worn by women

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More widely known of the late bloomers is Honeysuckle; moths can More widely known of the late bloomers is Honeysuckle; moths can detect the plant's sweet-smelling night-flowering scent from a quarter of a mile away.
The Bloomington Bloomers were one club that took advantage of its immediate surroundings.
Bloomers can be found in Wellington Market, Market Street, Wellington, Shropshire, TF1 1DT.
A number two embroidered on the bloomers was there to ensure they were worn in rotation.
Readers with a sweet tooth and a passion for dogs are sure to enjoy The Late Bloomers' Club.
So they get a competitive advantage." | To catch up with the late bloomers in your area visit
But the duo are about to launch Supersize35, a set of old-fashioned bloomers designed to fit round an 80in waist, as well as a new men's range.
Women who adopted "male" clothing were perceived as challenging traditional gender roles, and none was more famous than Amelia Bloomer. Bloomer advocated for women wearing trousers, or "bloomers," under their skirts.
Bloomers were named after Mrs Amelia Bloomer, an 18th-century reformer for women's rights, who wore knickerbockers for cycling.
BIG and bouncy bloomers - that's what you get with a great offer...
Bessie was wearing red flannel bloomers and was strutting around like a peacock.
TV veteran Terry Wogan has quit as presenter of BBC show Auntie's Bloomers after 10 years fronting the successful clip show.
There are late bloomers, and then there are late bloomers.