bloom of youth

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the best time of youth

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At 21, almost 30 years younger and sporting long luxuriant dark hair and the bloom of youth, she bore almost no resemblance to her mother.
She's only 23 but the ex-TOWIE star always favours a face full of slap to the fresh bloom of youth.
The latest fragrance from Rasasi Perfumes -- Entebaa, The Impressions Collection -- is one such exquisite range which woos the senses and reminisces the bloom of youth with its magic feel.
The martyrs who fell during those days, many of them in the first bloom of youth, will be remembered for ever as the ones who overthrew the regime.
Smiling and still with some of the natural bloom of youth, they saw little prospect for success when they graduated in a Greece sinking under huge debt and harsh austerity.
Still, it shows there is a major role for petals to play on a plant, even after the bloom of youth has gone.
She's in the full bloom of youth, blessed with hair like an October sunset and she hides it under a rag,' he told the crying seagulls in the baby blue sky.
But you are still there after the bloom of youth has faded.
The bloom of youth Is still upon your cheek But when you look in the mirror It's grey hairs you seek Your eyes are still A lovely blue, Whatever happened To the rest of you?
However, now it is, thanks largely to 1970's 'glam rock' musicians, who in the wild bloom of youth (and regardless of--if not in spite of--their male gender) sported such accoutrements as glittery makeup, outrageous hairstyles, shiny spandex trousers, rhinestones, and sparkly platform shoes.
As shy nature revealed her new wares, my wife, still touched by the bloom of youth, was in the bedroom choosing a suitable seasonal top for our grand tour of the village shop.
This high quality programming includes Bloom of Youth based on renowned writer Shuo Wang's novel.
Finally, there was Kent, ABT's senior ballerina, who cast a spell of eternal springtime over Symphonie Concertante, like Aurora in the first bloom of youth.
The expression of his countenance', he wrote, 'acquired a peculiar charm when his look dwelt for a time, with the most lively pleasure, on a fair girl, whose eyes beamed with the most unalloyed enjoyment of the fresh bloom of youth, and dazzling beauty'.