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Apart from sheer bloody-mindedness, and the fact that a fading Sachin Tendulkar apparently doesn't like DRS, it remains impossible for Indian cricket boss N.
The level of dedication and sheer bloody-mindedness and determination of disabled competitors deserves respect - and full houses.
Theirs is a fascinating partnership and this is a truly incredible tale of endurance, determination and sheer bloody-mindedness of the type we may hear much of this summer.
More than once he had visited the edge of life but there was always a safety net comprised of an inimitable blend of tenacity, bloody-mindedness and the unflagging support of Penny.
working' The achievements of entrepreneurs often owe more to their individual flair, determination and, in some cases, sheer bloody-mindedness than to any sort of intervention from governmental agencies that can leave so many fledging businesses exasperated by red tape.
True, they did not carve out dozens of clear-cut chances, but this is Giovanni Trapattoni's team, one based on defensive resilience and the ability to prevail in tight encounters through organisation, commitment and sheer bloody-mindedness.
Running over 1,000 miles around the UK driven by sheer bloody-mindedness and the refusal to take no for an answer, and apparently only stopping to eat ice-cream cornets and drink pints for sustenance, the man was incredible.
For years England has produced talented cricketers, but we have always seemed to lack that level of professionalism, determination and sheer bloody-mindedness of the Aussies.
Passion, ambition and sheer bloody-mindedness I suppose.
Whether the removal of the cast iron seats was for gain or sheer bloody-mindedness it was more than a spontaneous act of anti-social behaviour.
Like Wolves On The Fold shows how sheer bloody-mindedness, as much as any other quality, turned the tables on the Zulus.
Cendrars transforms the historical Sutter, on whose California property was found the gold that launched the Gold Rush of 1848, into a larger-than-life character whose ambition, drive, and bloody-mindedness encounter the similar ambition and greed of those who want to wrest money out of his land.
If al-Jabarti were here today to read Hi, he might say that the evangelical bloody-mindedness of imperial power has changed little in 200 years.
However good the cause may be, they will sink it out of bloody-mindedness.
Through sheer bloody-mindedness I persuaded doctors to get a single measles vaccine so at least my son would be immune to the killer disease.