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Synonyms for bloody-minded

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Synonyms for bloody-minded

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Synonyms for bloody-minded

marked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed

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followed L.K., Glasgow HOW disrespectful of politicians going against the majority vote from the EU referendum for no other reason than bloody-minded arrogance.
Just six weeks earlier Stokes' bloody-minded brilliance with the bat had powered England's remarkable World Cup win at Lord's and here he guided them to their biggest fourth-innings chase of 359, the 10th highest of all time.
That they do so with their identity crisis over and morale peaking owes much to Bairstow's 106, a second bloody-minded hundred in four days that underpinned England's 305 for eight.
And the people will tell them to stop being so bloody-minded.
The Germans have no confusion about laughing or crying - they are howling at us, at the utter confusion, ineptitude and downright bloody-minded malice of our leaders and the idiots who still support them.
It takes self-awareness and bloody-minded determination at the age of 14 to go off to Spain because you know that's the best place to develop your game.
It was all a stark reminder of the bristling, bloody-minded brilliance that England missed during last winter's Ashes - a tour Stokes was removed from in the aftermath of a late-night incident in Bristol which has still to reach a conclusion.
THE government seems bloody-minded in wanting to 'regulate' media through a 'one-window' operation; which will be achieved through a new law and regulatory body that will represent a clubbed-together version of all media regulators in existence today.
'It's the handiwork of bloody-minded people and it serves no purpose.
With this in mind, I cannot understand why the EU is being so bloody-minded with the Brexit talks.
In other markets, Ladbrokes' 13/2 for it to end one apiece cannot be discounted and for those anticipating a bloody-minded display from eth Sky Blues, the same could be said of the 11/2 posted by against the match being level at 45 and at 90 minutes.
Dixon will hopefully not take it the wrong way if I say that hers is a victory of sheer, bloody-minded hard work.
Brought up by a single mother on a rough council estate and bullied at school for his small stature due to Crohn's Disease, he has ground out international stardom by sheer bloody-minded determination to be the best.
The thing is, our northern cousins are a bloody-minded bunch and, more to the point, they rather fond of feeling persecuted.