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Synonyms for bloody

Synonyms for bloody

of or covered with blood


attended by or causing bloodshed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

to cover with blood

Synonyms for bloody

cover with blood

Related Words

having or covered with or accompanied by blood

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informal intensifiers


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If the victim has a pale face, clammy skin, obvious blood loss or bloody vomit, elevate the feet 8 to 12 inches.
Other people have sudden, brisk bleeding with black, tarry stools or bloody vomit.
It also can cause bleeding, so be on the alert for signs, which include bloody vomit (the blood may resemble coffee grounds) and tarry black stools, and bruising that can indicate bleeding under the skin.
Symptoms of the disease include swollen skin, bloated stomach, bloody vomits and pain.
Local doctors have informed of diagnosing such symptoms as severe headache, infection of stomach and intestinal infections, bloody vomits, and diarrhoea, while administration stands by as a silent spectator.