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expectorated matter


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His cough and bloody sputum abated, his jaundice subsided, and his lower extremity edema resolved.
After 9 months, he was admitted to our hospital with fever, cough, and bloody sputum. Thorax CT scan revealed cavitations and pulmonary nodules.
Case 2- A 73-year-old smoking Chinese male patient presented with unprovoked cough accompanied with bloody sputum for three months.
Dubai: A jobless Filipina is seeking help for her husband who is suffering from acute hemoptysis, also known as bloody sputum.
Only the naive and insensitive people keep away from someone who at random coughs up bloody sputum.
The dog was kept overnight at a veterinary clinic and humanely euthanized the following day after developing dyspnea and bloody sputum. Patient A had close contact with the dog during euthanasia.
Afterwards, he occasionally had bloody sputum and dyspnea and was referred to our hospital in June 2013.
Prolonged cough with bloody sputum was correctly stated by 76.8% of respondents while weight loss was stated by 22.9% of respondents.
A 62-year-old man complained of cough and bloody sputum and consulted our hospital.
* If your cough persists for three weeks or more--or if it's accompanied by pain, bloody sputum, wheezing, voice changes, or difficulty swallowing--see a doctor.
Inflammation and hemorrhage occur within the lung tissue, with thick, bloody sputum.
bloody sputum expelled by the ailing man, the wife blithely ferries a