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expectorated matter


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Case 2- A 73-year-old smoking Chinese male patient presented with unprovoked cough accompanied with bloody sputum for three months.
Dubai: A jobless Filipina is seeking help for her husband who is suffering from acute hemoptysis, also known as bloody sputum.
Only the naive and insensitive people keep away from someone who at random coughs up bloody sputum.
The dog was kept overnight at a veterinary clinic and humanely euthanized the following day after developing dyspnea and bloody sputum.
A 38 year old female patient was admitted to our hospital with the complaints of cough and yellowish and sometimes bloody sputum for the previous six months.
This creates a rich medium in which the bacilli multiply rapidly and spread, creating further lesions and the characteristic chest pain, cough, and, when a blood vessel is eroded, bloody sputum.
Warning signs: Persistent cough, bloody sputum, chest pain, recurring pneumonia or bronchitis.
More severe symptoms include shortness of breath, fever for more than three days, coughing and bloody sputum and drowsiness, disorientation or confusion.
Two others (patients B and C) sought medical care for fever, shortness of breath, and cough productive of bloody sputum and died during their hospitalizations.
Symptoms developed on March 23 and he was hospitalized on March 26 with fever, diarrhea, and bloody sputum.