bloody shame

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a Bloody Mary made without alcohol


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A Bloody Mary, but known in Australia as a Bloody Shame.
It's the fourth time that he's broken his collarbone and it's a bloody shame, but there's never a good time to do it," said King.
It would be a bloody shame if veteran rockers Deep 6 - singer-guitarist Jimmy D'Angelo, singer-bassist Al Gallo and drummer Dave Balcom - doesn't break the big time with its new, self-titled disc - not because they deserve it (which they certainly do) but because of the colorful (and off-colored) stories that would make up what would be the ultimate "VH1: Behind the Music" episode ever.
BLOODY SHAME Hounds at gathering in Carrigaline, Co Cork; TALLY OAF: Tory MP James Gray at hunt in Lacock, Wilts
At home in Shipley, West Yorks, the shocked star said: "This is a big surprise and a bloody shame because they are all good actors.
It's a bloody shame, something bookmakers agree that they don't want to happen, but along with the BHB and everybody in racing, we are all likely to be left like helpless spectators watching the scene of an accident.