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Synonyms for bloody

Synonyms for bloody

of or covered with blood


attended by or causing bloodshed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

to cover with blood

Synonyms for bloody

cover with blood

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having or covered with or accompanied by blood

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informal intensifiers


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Diarrhea and bloody feces on admission were significant risk factors for fatal outcome.
Outbreak of the disease was most common among people who tested positive for protein in urine, had bloody feces or vomited shortly after they were infected with the bacteria, according to the study.
In these patients, bloody feces (7 patients), bleeding from an injection site (6 patients), and red eyes (or subconjunctival hemorrhage) and hematemesis (5 patients) developed.
She is still in hospital and suffers diarrhea, bloody feces, vomiting and fever but her condition is not serious, they said.
One patient had fever, cough, and epigastric pain; another had fever, chills, rigors, cough, and diarrhea; and a third had bloody feces, pulmonary edema, and pleural effusion.