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Synonyms for bloody

Synonyms for bloody

of or covered with blood


attended by or causing bloodshed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

to cover with blood

Synonyms for bloody

cover with blood

Related Words

having or covered with or accompanied by blood

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informal intensifiers


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We have seen people increase their Bloody Mary sales by 700 percent upon installing the bar," Woodrow says.
The Rodong Sinmun editorial also referenced a disputed story that originated in a South Korean newspaper that said a Trump official implied a bloody nose strike would help Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections.
Attention geared towards craft bartending and the whole movement to source local ingredients, makes the Bloody Mary something that should be a staple in any farm to table restaurant.
Method: Combine the vodka and Bloody Mary mix in a shaker filled with ice.
We do not mind May being bloody difficult, as she puts it, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brexit talks.
Mr Duddy's older sister Kay said: "He was such a special friend to us because of Bloody Sunday, because of what he did for Jackie in his dying moments when he was there with him.
More than a mere cocktail, a Bloody Mary is an early-morning icon.
And the season of the Bloody Mary, that fantastic cocktail that helps you recover from the night before.
Grown adults dressing as leeks and daffodils, bloody ridiculous.
The other was when he went into "his own little world" shaking his head, a silent tear down one cheek he would mutter "bloody good soldier the Jerry - bloody good soldier".
The "do-it-yourselP Bloody Mary kit serves two to four people and costs $29.
Using personal accounts from both German and Allied survivors, Bloody Biscay relates the initial tribulations of the unit, the height of its success in spring and summer 1943, its battles against overwhelming odds and its eventual annihilation over the Normandy beaches in June 1944.
Project: Bloody Brook Drainage District Culvert Replacement Project
IT'S National Cocktail Week next week (October 7-13) and to celebrate, Tabasco Pepper Sauce has teamed up with this year's 'hottest' mixologist and winner of The Tabasco British Bloody Mary Challenge, Gareth Evans, pictured top, of London's Social Eating House, to create a twist on the classic Bloody Mary.
Here's how to mix it: Gareth Evans' Mexican Sun Ingredients 50ml Don Julio blanco 50ml yellow tomato juice 50ml carrot juice 25ml 'bloody marvellous' ' mix To make the bloody marvellous mix take 1 bottle Green Tabasco Pepper Sauce, 300ml Worcestershire Sauce, 1/2 a chipotle pepper, 200ml lime juice, 100ml pink grapefruit juice, 6 sprigs coriander, 2 tsp smoked salt and blend and strain.