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a segmented marine worm with bright red body

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Top patterns were: Ali McCoist, Damsels, Snakes, Bloodworm, Squirmy Worm, Buzzers and Rainbow Tinny.
James Campion from Bishop Auckland was glad he ventured out when he took 14 trout in four hours, using bloodworm and bunnyleech.
"At different times, almost every fish in the lake eats bloodworms," Brosdahl says.
Over the last week nine anglers caught six trout, with worm and PowerBait cocktail the best baits and, Silver Invicta, Black Buzzer and Bloodworm.
In 27 of 36 groups, the first guppy to strike the bloodworm feast was female.
The weekend winter bonanza was led by Andrew Taylor from Durham with a 20-pounder caught on a buzzer and bloodworm from a bag of 27 fish.
Top flies were: Red Buzzer, Hare's Ear, Pinky, Bloodworm, Black F Fly, Weighted Diawl Bach, Cats Whisker, Black and Green Nomad and Blobs.
Top patterns include Bloodworm and Cat's Whisker fished just below the surface.
Brian Davies caught eight good trout on App's Bloodworm and Buzzers.
The best patterns include: Blobs, Nomads, Black Fritz, Montana and Bloodworms.
In this week's testing conditions anglers have needed a variety of flies to match the weather's extremes, from PTNs to Blobs, Daddies to Bloodworms, Cats' Whiskers to Buzzers and even a Mayfly.
Anglers fishing Buzzers, Cats Whisker and Bloodworms have done well.
Most of the fish are being taken from the bottom, mainly on Olive Zonkers, Bloodworms and snail type patterns.
Brian Davis of Dudley released 17 on Buzzers and Bloodworms, including a beautiful 15lb rainbow.
Peter Forster from Newcastle landed 12 trout on a Gold Humungus while Ken Glenton from Ashington caught nine on Bloodworm. Alex Harvey netted seven on lures and Matty Divine caught nine on Bloodworms.