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a segmented marine worm with bright red body

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So some type of sinking line fished with flies such as Damsels, GRHE, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Dancers, Cats Whiskers and Zonkers to name but a few.
Anglers enjoyed plenty of surface action, with Black Buzzer, Emergers such as Shipman's and Shuttlecock Buzzers effective, as were Bloodworm imitations.
FLY BOX CHATTON: Black dancer, yellow dancer, lures, bloodworm, dries DERWENT RESERVOIR: Cat's whisker, Dawson's olive, white fritz, appetizer, white muddler FONTBURN RESERVOIR: Orange blob, peach blob, Dunkeld JUBILEE LAKES: Black nomad, bloodworm, bunnyleech KIELDER WATER: Viva blobs, orange blobs NAWORTH: Cat's whisker THRUNTON: Hoppers, Ambler bloodworm, yellow dancer, diawl bach, chamois worm, sedges, emergers, damsels and lures BAIT BOX DERWENT RESERVOIR: Ledgered PowerBait pink or chartreuse eggs with maggots in a feeder FONTBURN RESERVOIR: Pink PowerBait eggs, white gulp eggs KIELDER WATER: Worm, green PowerBait, red mepps
Mick Smith and Chris Preest both hooked seven trout on red spiders and red daddy longlegs and Tony Moore returned the six he tempted with a bloodworm nymph.
In Europe, particularly in tournaments, the most popular bait is a live bloodworm.
Denis Lipscombe (Oakwood Angling) on peg 33 chose to leave the bloodworm in its paper and base his approach around fishing with chopped worms and casters.
The researchers also found that the zinc in clam-worm jaws isn't in a mineralized form, as is the case for much of the copper in the tip of the bloodworm jaws.
Brian Ridley, from Bishop Auckland, took a 3lb 1oz trout on a bloodworm.
Top patterns were: Ali McCoist, Damsels, Snakes, Bloodworm, Squirmy Worm, Buzzers and Rainbow Tinny.
The weekend winter bonanza was led by Andrew Taylor from Durham with a 20-pounder caught on a buzzer and bloodworm from a bag of 27 fish.
THE decision to allow bloodworm and joker in the weekend's Evesham Festival qualifiers proved to be a good one as some good weights were recorded all along the gin-clear match length and anglers enjoyed the best Sunday match of the series so far.
IF YOU want to know where to buy bloodworm and joker, Sam is your man.
John Wilson tied on a bloodworm nymph for his four fish 31.
BLOODWORM was essential to find in the Lancashire Winter League open on the Bridgewater Canal in Manchester.
The bite of the common bloodworm, a popular fish bait, hides more than nasty venom.