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a segmented marine worm with bright red body

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A slightly more "natural approach" also paid dividends at times with Bloodworms scoring well.
Gareth Tilley from Lanchester released 11 trout to Bloodworm and Buzzers.
Top flies were: Black Buzzer, Diawl Bach, Zonkers, Bloodworm, Damsel Nymph and Yellow Hopper.
Sharpley: Black Buzzers, Bloodworm, Black Shuttlecock, Black Nomad, Hare's Ear Emerger, Diawl Bach, Damsel, Pennell, Secret Squirrel, Dawson's Olive, black/green Zonkers.
So some type of sinking line fished with flies such as Damsels, GRHE, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm, Dancers, Cats Whiskers and Zonkers to name but a few.
Anglers enjoyed plenty of surface action, with Black Buzzer, Emergers such as Shipman's and Shuttlecock Buzzers effective, as were Bloodworm imitations.
FLY BOX CHATTON: Black dancer, yellow dancer, lures, bloodworm, dries DERWENT RESERVOIR: Cat's whisker, Dawson's olive, white fritz, appetizer, white muddler FONTBURN RESERVOIR: Orange blob, peach blob, Dunkeld JUBILEE LAKES: Black nomad, bloodworm, bunnyleech KIELDER WATER: Viva blobs, orange blobs NAWORTH: Cat's whisker THRUNTON: Hoppers, Ambler bloodworm, yellow dancer, diawl bach, chamois worm, sedges, emergers, damsels and lures BAIT BOX DERWENT RESERVOIR: Ledgered PowerBait pink or chartreuse eggs with maggots in a feeder FONTBURN RESERVOIR: Pink PowerBait eggs, white gulp eggs KIELDER WATER: Worm, green PowerBait, red mepps
Mick Smith and Chris Preest both hooked seven trout on red spiders and red daddy longlegs and Tony Moore returned the six he tempted with a bloodworm nymph.
Guide Brian "Bro" Brosdahl also has closely followed bloodworm activity.
THE first match of the season with bloodworm and joker allowed on the Warwickshire Avon at Evesham saw expectations high among the 53 anglers fishing the Shakespeare Qualifier on Saturday and the river fished well throughout.
After an initial bombardment of 12 Jaffa-sized balls of soil and groundbait, Ian presented single and double bloodworm over the top of his bait.
Celebrating his 50th birthday this week and turning out in Ted Carter's Southport side, Dave had a peg at Edge on the Manchester stretch of the Bridgewater Canal and started inshore with bloodworm and joker.
So scientists were surprised when they found high levels of it in the marine bloodworm. Its jaws use a mystery-element-containing mineral called atacamite.
Stucky and his coworkers recently reported that the tiny jaws of the bloodworm, Glycera dibranchiata, contain the copper chloride mineral called atacamite, which makes the structures particularly strong (SN: 11/9/02, p.
They've been taking on patterns such as the zonker, cats whisker and damsel and the black beetle or black buzzer but the olive bloodworm or the olive buzzer have definitely been most effective, still fished on a floating line.