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Synonyms for bloodthirsty

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Synonyms for bloodthirsty

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Synonyms for bloodthirsty

marked by eagerness to resort to violence and bloodshed

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Trouble is, that makes him sound like a bloodthirsty fanatic with "twisted moral standards" himself!
He alleged that bloodthirsty wolves were eating flesh of innocent party workers, and throwing their bones on Karachi streets.
It's big enough to house two of every creature but as the animals snuggle down aboard, Noah is attacked by an army - led by his evil distant cousin, the bloodthirsty Tubal-cain (Winstone).
The declaration does not explicitly specify the identity of the "bloodthirsty monster" it invokes.
Bat Pegs, PS2 each, from MONSTROUS MOLARS | These bloodthirsty teeth are the perfect bit of dress-up for those without time for face-painting, or to add the ideal finishing touches to your costume.
Scott must also find ways to keep his loved ones safe during his bloodthirsty transformations every full moon.
Nobody is able to make the pain easier for the lost young lives, even after the deserved punishment for the bloodthirsty beasts.
He hooks up with a feisty princess (Rachel Nichols) to battle monsters, sorcerers and bloodthirsty enemies.
Ryan Kieran whipped the illegal American pit bull terriers into a bloodthirsty frenzy before climbing a tree and flinging six-month-old pet Daisy 15ft to her death.
They claimed that the top predator dinosaur and his relatives hung out and hunted in bloodthirsty gangs, which included young and older members.
The psalm voices a prayer for God's attentive protection against "boastful evildoers" (5:5) who are "bloodthirsty and deceitful" (5:6) and counted as "my enemies" (5:8).
The Spook's Stories: Witches is a collection of five dark and bloodthirsty tales and features a range of nightmarish characters, many of whom appear in the Wardstone Chronicles, including a witch's familiar who likes to guzzle peoples brains ...
In Atlanta a bloodthirsty criminal tragically took the life of a hardworking, young liquor-store clerk.
Audience members brave enough to attend may find themselves next to a bloodthirsty vampire or disfigured zombie, as contenders for most frightful costume of the night vie for the prize of pounds 50 of Town Hall Symphony Hall gift vouchers and a bottle of Champagne.