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Synonyms for bloodthirstiness

a disposition to shed blood

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And let's not forget that America's fondness for red meat can be used as a metaphor for our supposed bloodthirstiness.
Only when he has had the opportunity to contextualize her bloodthirstiness by situating it against her thoughtfulness and generosity does Wilbur come to a full appreciation of Charlotte's character.
57) According to Zeidlits, during the battle of Kulevcha in 1829, the Ottomans, enjoying a temporary advantage, "found the time to give vent to their beastly bloodthirstiness [by] disfiguring the dead and torturing in the most horrible way those whom they captured alive.
Contemptuous, on the one hand, toward the state bureaucrats who administer the criminal justice apparatus, on the other hand, they are not to be outdone for bloodthirstiness or calculated viciousness.
It had a grim comic vibe, satirizing the savagery of both corporate bloodthirstiness and justice-seeking rampages.
So the legend grew, the Echo fuelling it with a fine flourish of purple prose: "Two women discovered, fallen victim to the inhuman bloodthirstiness of a ruthless assassin.
1--The most inappropriate actions in both of these battles that happens in Shahnameh is bloodthirstiness.
The definition of blood libel in the Encyclopaedia Judaica, as referenced in a 2011 BBC article, explains further that blood libel can represent a "form of the belief that Jews had been and still were responsible for the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ" and "popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their bloodthirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general".
But Bond does not transcend the endless recapitulation of the world's bloodthirstiness.
To think that, in such a state of bloodthirstiness, people can mastermind such sacrilege.
Moreover, one could take the slight, whatever it might be, as an overdetermined pretext, an occasion to indulge the murderer's irrational but exquisitely-restrained bloodthirstiness, yet the only provocation specified is that of membership in a clandestine association anathematized by the Church.
Her suit carne from last spring's Edwardian Fair, black velvet with a silk cravat and a tinge of bloodthirstiness.
Because of her place in this manly world, Andromache fears the results of manly deeds or military prowess; she fears male brutality and male bloodthirstiness.
Likewise in the Book of Samuel, King Saul eventually loses God's favor not for his bloodthirstiness in war but for his restraint-he fails to annihilate his enemies.
The Anabasis begins in 401 BC and it is the account of human deprivation, endurance, rage, envy, political ambition, bloodthirstiness and power hunger.