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Synonyms for bloodthirstiness

a disposition to shed blood

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When trying to explain away human behavior, many people point to predator-prey dynamics to configure and justify our own bloodthirstiness. We reduce Darwin's monumental body of work to a mere catchphrase: "survival of the fittest." What may never occur to the average day-trader (or sport hunter, for that matter) is that we view animal behavior through the lens of our own propensity for violence and strife, but nature often utilizes the reverse--cooperation and symbiosis.
Since his election, he has publicly urged people to murder drug addicts, described children killed in the drug war as "collateral damage," likened his own bloodthirstiness to Adolf Hitler's, and told police they needn't worry about being investigated for excessive use of force.
predecessors by their ferocity and bloodthirstiness. For example, having
From some members of parliament to journalists -- leave alone the understandable anger of families of 257 victims of the 1993 Mumbai blasts -- a certain bloodthirstiness has taken over the national mood.
Al-Shabab is a very violent organization noted for its bloodthirstiness and for repeated attacks on civilians in Kenya.
The Nanking Massacre reveals that it wasn't racial characteristics that made the image of the Imperial Japanese one of barbarism and bloodthirstiness. As the British Columbia Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia states in its curriculum for schools, "Japanese military aggression against China and other Asian countries before and during the Second World War is remembered for the cruelty and brutality of Japan's imperial forces....
Yes, there were numerous antisemitic postcards feeding on the worst cliches about Jews--devilish nature, greed, deicide, bloodthirstiness, double allegiance, and disloyalty.
And let's not forget that America's fondness for red meat can be used as a metaphor for our supposed bloodthirstiness. (The effect of Nixon's wage-and-pricecontrol regime in disrupting the meat market goes unmentioned; as does its role in the energy crisis, which begins during this same time period; as do the deeper policy aspects of many episodes that obsess Perlstein.) He returns often to the meat boycott story like a bird returning to carrion on the road, though chiefly for comic purposes.
Only when he has had the opportunity to contextualize her bloodthirstiness by situating it against her thoughtfulness and generosity does Wilbur come to a full appreciation of Charlotte's character.
Zeidlits, "the faithful Turks still thought that it was easier to enter Paradise with such trophies." (57) According to Zeidlits, during the battle of Kulevcha in 1829, the Ottomans, enjoying a temporary advantage, "found the time to give vent to their beastly bloodthirstiness [by] disfiguring the dead and torturing in the most horrible way those whom they captured alive." (58) Similar things were reported from Shumla by Felix Fonton, whose pen "refused to describe the horrible, frightening sight" that the Turks left in the Russian redoubt that they had briefly captured.
Contemptuous, on the one hand, toward the state bureaucrats who administer the criminal justice apparatus, on the other hand, they are not to be outdone for bloodthirstiness or calculated viciousness.
It had a grim comic vibe, satirizing the savagery of both corporate bloodthirstiness and justice-seeking rampages.
So the legend grew, the Echo fuelling it with a fine flourish of purple prose: "Two women discovered, fallen victim to the inhuman bloodthirstiness of a ruthless assassin.
Israel's Supreme Court, in rejecting his appeal, described him as a "fanatical enthusiast" and spoke of his "insatiable bloodthirstiness" in carrying out "these unspeakably horrible crimes to his own gratification and satisfaction of his superiors." At his trial, Eichmann said in taperecorded comments to his Israeli police interrogator that a gipsy fortune teller had prophesied he would face trial and that he would not survive his 56th year.
1--The most inappropriate actions in both of these battles that happens in Shahnameh is bloodthirstiness. It happens just once and unfortunately by one of wisdoms: In Shahnameh, after 12 years one Iranian, Goodarz, drinks his enemy's(Piran) blood.