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Synonyms for bloodsucking

of or characteristic of a parasite

Synonyms for bloodsucking

drawing blood from the body of another

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of plants or persons

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Currently, several methods of regulating the number of bloodsucking Diptera are known, but the most appropriate in terms of "efficiency and environmental safety" is a biological one.
CDATA[ A repulsive wave of anti-Semitism is dirtying the world of mainstream media with images of Jews portrayed as hairy apes, bloodsucking spiders and greedy merchants.
The late night C4 bloodsucking romp sees Joe Manganiello stride into the third episode of series three as werewolf Alcide Herveaux.
London, July 13 (ANI): Smelly socks can lure four times as many malaria-spreading mosquitoes than are drawn to people into a trap, that can then kill the bloodsucking creatures with a lethal dose of insecticide, scientists in Tanzania have found.
Famously told Terry Wogan he was Son of God and claimed Family were really giant, bloodsucking alien lizards.
The bloodsucking parasites, which are about one-eighth- to one-quarter-inch long, were thought to have been wiped out years ago by powerful pesticides, but they've come back with a vengeance, infecting many urban and rural areas alike.
New York City has been the epicenter of a recent explosion of these bloodsucking insects.
You may find them on your skin after you've cleaned out a pond or filter but they won't be biting; they are not bloodsucking types.
Either way the pixies here are half human with bloodsucking tendencies.
Bite Me A Love Story | CHRISTOPHER MOORE: Yes, vampires are everywhere, but this is the third book in the series that started in 1995 with Bloodsucking Fiends.
By defending the fact that the governing party did not succeed in bringing one single important state decision in the past few years, VMRO members develop their second model-a Vancomihajlovistic bloodsucking matrix of creating list and threats towards "the traitors," says Ljubomir Frckovski in Dnevnik.
The college is situated in a castle where, legend has it, vampire Radu--Rusty's look-alike--terrorized villagers alongside bloodsucking minions and a sorceress, whose spirit is accidentally released to possess student Lynne (Jennifer Lyons) just as the Count & Co.
According to the police, the bloodsucking insect was the only evidence that they found at the scene.
Bloodsucking pests like bat fleas and bat flies may not sound very appealing to the rest of us but, to University at Buffalo (N.