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Synonyms for bloodstream



Synonyms for bloodstream

the blood flowing through the circulatory system

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Even more DNA enters the mother's bloodstream when she or the fetus has certain health problems, such as preeclampsia or Down syndrome.
Anthim is designed to remove the toxin from the bloodstream even after symptoms appear.
Women with the autoimmune disease scleroderma are more likely to have these persistent cells in their bloodstream than women without the disease (SN: 8/2/97, p.
HIV-specific CTLs lurk mostly in the bloodstream, they note, whereas HIV tends to invade lymph nodes.
In tests involving a range of drugs, researchers found that beads successfully carried molecules of various sizes-a tiny blood coagulant, medium-sized insulin, and relatively massive DNA molecules-into rats' bloodstreams, says Edith Mathiowitz.
The team found not only that the 226 smoking mothers had lower concentrations of vitamin C in their bloodstreams compared to the 174 nonsmoking participants, but that their fetuses got comparatively less vitamin C -- even when both groups of women had the same vitamin C concentrations.
They measured the concentrations of Lp(a) in the children's bloodstreams and compared those values to Lp(a) concentrations recorded in 49 children in the same age range whose parents reported no heart disease.