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Synonyms for bloodstream



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Synonyms for bloodstream

the blood flowing through the circulatory system

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I believe it's likely that the use of antibiotic-coated catheters, coupled with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recent proposal to switch to chlorhexidine as the standard cutaneous antiseptic for vascular access, will substantially decrease the total number of bloodstream infections.
Center for Disease Control that catheter-related bloodstream infections develop in approximately 250,000 patients, resulting in approximately 50,000 deaths.
The colleagues found that specialized receptors on normal cell surfaces carry LDL cholesterol out of the bloodstream and into cells, where it in metabolized to make hormones, vitamins, and other beneficial products.
By keeping the food out of the bloodstream for a longer period, fiber moderates sharp changes in blood sugar after meals.
It is unknown at this time whether 30 minutes performed continuously or intermittently is adequate to reduce fat in the bloodstream for those who exercise regularly.
A person could simply breathe in insulin using a device that works like a large asthma inhaler The insulin is then absorbed by the lungs and shuttled into the bloodstream.
The trust explained: "Figures for MRSA bloodstream infection rates in the North East Wales Trust remain relatively stable or falling."
Instead of complete digestion, the food in the digestive tract stagnates and putrefies, and is absorbed into the bloodstream partially digested only to activate the immune system, causing food sensitivities and allergies.
Besides shedding cells into the bloodstream, the placenta deposits cells into this mucus plug, notes Simpson.
brucei has a complex life cycle involving dramatic environmental changes in its environment as it shift between the vertebrate bloodstream and the insect gut.
"Traces of cannabis in the bloodstream was a sackable offence and the firm have made this clear to employees," said Mr Robinson.
Mozobil, in combination with G-CSF, is designed to release hematopoietic stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream where they can be collected, making it more likely for patients with certain types of cancers to proceed to autologous transplant.
The culprits are aldehydes, toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and car exhaust, which circumvent the upper airway filter, and work their way into the lungs and into the bloodstream. There they increase blood cholesterol levels and activate enzymes that cause plaque to rupture, leading to heart attack.
Lewis Goodfellow, who was born in the north of Britain 24 weeks premature and who weighed only 681 g, received Viagra after one of his lungs collapsed and not enough oxygen got into his bloodstream. This opened the blood vessels in his lungs to increase the oxygen being captured in the bloodstream and be distributed to the rest of his body.
Pediatric Intensivist Adnan Bhutta and Craig Gilliam, who is the hospital's director of infection control, wrote the article about an approach for reducing catheter-associated bloodstream infections, according to a hospital news release.