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Synonyms for bloodstream



Synonyms for bloodstream

the blood flowing through the circulatory system

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Since 2008, privately funded ExThera (short for Extracorporeal Therapy) has been developing tools to fight bloodstream infections.
Yeast bloodstream infections are a type of fungal infection that can lead to severe complications and death if not treated rapidly.
We reviewed records of all patients affected by hematologic malignancies who were admitted to the hospital hematology department from January 2009 through December 2012 and in whom a bloodstream infection caused by gram-negative bacteria developed.
1] The ability of MicroClave and Neutron to provide clinicians with an enhanced level of protection from bacteria being transferred from external surfaces into the patient's bloodstream can be an important benefit in their fight to eliminate catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI).
The endothelium cells reach the bloodstream when a build-up of fatty deposits in the artery walls leads to inflammation in the arteries, causing blood clots.
The campaign, funded by AHRQ, used the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program, or CUSP, to prevent more than 2,000 central-line bloodstream infections and saved more than 500 lives.
When people eat or exercise, PYY is released into the bloodstream.
If patients have a bloodstream infection, particularly older patients, you should definitely be looking for signs of colorectal cancer," Dr.
Researchers compared the average increase of curcumin in the bloodstream following use of BCM-95 curcumin, curcumin phytosome and plain curcumin, as determined by published human absorption data.
Since then, eosinopenia has been associated with a variety of clinical conditions including bloodstream infections, viral infections, therapy with corticosteroids and catecholamines, physiological stress, psychiatric conditions such as depression and some allergic diseases (6-9).
The hearing was told that Mr Beighton, who was based at the firm's branch as a reinstater and filled in holes in road surfaces, was found to have the cannabis in his bloodstream.
Once the immune cells are in the bloodstream they use other molecules called "intercellular adhesion molecules," or ICAMs, to help them exit and enter the brain or spinal cord.
Even more DNA enters the mother's bloodstream when she or the fetus has certain health problems, such as preeclampsia or Down syndrome.
Without insulin, dangerous levels of sugar build in the bloodstream.
They found that on average, 24% of the inhaled titanium dioxide they detected had penetrated cells throughout the lung and the bloodstream just 1 hour after inhalation.