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Synonyms for bloodstain

to cover with blood

Words related to bloodstain

a discoloration caused by blood

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However, the police said that the bloodstains, regardless of their significance, were illegal and impounded the car, the daily said.
She has just begun talking about blood spatter, which can help determine where bloodstains originated, how they were created and the path they took before landing.
He added: "Current tests use chemicals which can be detrimental to the subsequent DNA analysis of the bloodstain.
The DNA samples were taken from bloodstains on clothes of all five accused, curtains and seats on the bus.
Police divers were yesterday searching lakes around Vabre Tizac, close to Montpellier, after bloodstains were found in a house owned by missing Patricia Wilson, 58, and in a car belonging to the suspect.
Jurors were told forensic analysis of bloodstains at her flat gave investigators clues about what happened to her.
FRESH bloodstains on clothes should be treated immediately by plunging them into cold water for an hour.
He never got over it and still had nightmares for the rest of his life of the inside of his taxi red with bloodstains.
The two doctors had drawn Rajesh's attention to bloodstains on his flat's terrace door the day Arushi was found murdered.
When he pushed open the door, he saw bloodstains at the entrance.
Bevel and Gardner, both experts in the field, explain how to recognize the various types of bloodstains, on walls, floor, clothes and objects.
David Harris, 21, Scottish secretary of the Tories' youth organisation Conservative Future, was pictured in a khaki outfit pulling along handcuffed friend Jamie Johnston, 20, the secretary of Glasgow University Conservative Association, who was dressed in ripped clothes with fake bloodstains.
NOW they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there.
One woman said she heard a man screaming as if being tortured, Cardiff Crown Court heard, as bloodstains were left on the pavements, a car and a garden wall.
The Aussie caretaker boss says he has more bloodstains than Braveheart following a turbulent Six Nations that ended with Saturday's 21-15 defeat to France.