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Synonyms for bloodstain

to cover with blood

Words related to bloodstain

a discoloration caused by blood

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'This caused the bloodstains on the cartons, an indication of poor storage,'' the Deputy Director in- charge of Ports Inspections, Mr Tony Erahgbe, was quoted in the statement as saying.
In his latest proof-of-concept study, Lednev, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University at Albany (N.Y.), was successful in using his existing forensic technology to distinguish an individual's age range based on bloodstains.
The shirt has bloodstains from where Banks had suffered a nose bleed.
There were bloodstains which had soaked through, especially in the left knee area.
Sonny Almazan was apparently beaten to death with a golf club, which was found with bloodstains inside his bedroom, said a report from the Investigation Division of the Law Enforcement Department of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA-LED).
But his supporters said the clothes did not fit him and the bloodstains appeared too vivid for evidence that was discovered so long after the crime.
Pueblas said government troopers were patrolling the area after receiving reports on the presence of NPA guerrillas when they were fired at.The military said the NPA also suffered casualties, citing bloodstains along the rebels' escape route.
The victim's bloodstains covered the clothes of the worker, who was apprehended shortly after the incident happened around 4am.
There was also heavier bloodstaining on the toe area itself and she could see bloodstains in the stitching.
Central to police investigations are bloodstains found at the residence, the route to the park where the man was seen prior to being found in a pool of blood, and the discovery of a large piece of wood in wild vegetation near the scene.
At the same time a male was seen in the area pushing a bike with what is believed to be bloodstains on his clothing.
With great curiosity he asked his parents what our bloodstains meant: "What's that, Daddy?"
According to Ian, the only thing he could remember was that he was removing the bloodstains inside the living room of their house located on Sabah St., Talanay, Barangay Hills, following the incident that took place at around 6 p.m.
Also on Friday, another crime lab expert began testifying about bloodstains found in the bedroom where James Gillette and McLucas were attacked.