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Synonyms for bloodstain

to cover with blood

Words related to bloodstain

a discoloration caused by blood

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Demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical principles that relate to BPA, to include knowledge of the methods used to measure bloodstains and bloodstain patterns.
The guards also noticed bloodstains on the seats, according to a report reaching the Kamuning station of the Quezon City Police District.
EVIDENCE J Bloodstains are clearly visible on the polo shirt worn by Stephen.
Further proof of a third gunman lies in a photo taken by police of bloodstains on a curb near the fence that Haddad saw the man jump over, Gage said.
Advances in the polymerase chain reaction-based (PCR-based) forensic nuclear DNA procedures allow analysis of bloodstains containing as little as 200 picograms (pg) of DNA.
He told the jury that no bloodstains had been found either inside or outside Miss Gill's flat.
Parts of the 8ft brown shawl have been torn out, reputedly to remove bloodstains - but forensic tests to prove its authenticity have been inconclusive.
He was feared to be the victim of foul play because bloodstains were found inside the business.
The jury was told of a tell-tale trail which started at a spot where police found bloodstains and charred logs.
He started banging harder, so I naturally got frightened and we called 911,'' said the woman, after pointing to the bloodstains on her front porch.
I would ask anyone who may have seen an individual or individuals acting suspiciously in the area, or who saw anyone with bloodstains, or has found any blood-stained items to contact us immediately.
Wearing a brown corduroy sport coat and shackles, Salvas sat quietly as Lisa Hancock, a former friend, testified that Salvas offered sketchy explanations for cuts to his neck and hands and for the bloodstains she noticed in his car in mid-June 1998.
A prime suspect was eliminated as his DNA profile did not match those from bloodstains found in the bedroom.
10 from her Lancaster apartment, where investigators found signs of a ferocious struggle - broken pieces of acrylic fingernails, bloodstains and clumps of hair.
Bloodstains on his clothes linked him to the murder and police told the hearing in Durham they believed no one else was involved.