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covered with blood


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Emma, in bloodstained wedding dress, holds James hostage, but can he escape?
I saw a bloodstained knife sliding through the stall's door.
Forensic examination matched DNA from the clipboard, and a bloodstained piece of paper, to Leon Smythe.
The officer said: "A man had been seen sitting in a garden between 8pm and 9pm on March 10 where a bloodstained adult baseball cap was found.
I borrowed gloves from David Wilson (the one item I failed to pack) and then put on my Bloodstained Man suit for the first time ever.
Police said a note reading "Stop visiting shrines -- from the Pakistani Taliban" was found at the scene along with a bloodstained knife.
Samples were also taken from bloodstained dried leaves by the side of the highway where the pair said they were dumped.
And the best piece of evidence, a bloodstained apron found near one of the bodies, has not survived.
A bloodstain on a tissue in her bedroom could have come from the attacker taking it from a box with a bloodstained finger, the court heard.
Detectives renewed their appeal for Mr Davis's neighbours KILLED: to help trace items of bloodstained clothing which may be linked to their investigation.
Mr Harrington told Mason a forensic scientist had found DNA on the bloodstained jumper and there was only a one-in-a-billion chance it had not come from Ms Dries-Jenkins.
Mr Pye was cross-examined about the brown paper evidence sacks containing Stephen's bloodstained clothes.
To make way for the extension, the burial ground would be relocated to a nearby vacant patch of land known locally as Bloodstained Acre.
Rajesh was asked for the keys to the terrace door, but he went inside his residence after having a look at the bloodstained door handle," the CBI closure report says.
Penn trailed 1-0 going to the final round, as he kept ending every metaphor by quoting from his recent antiwar reference to President Bush's "soiled and bloodstained underwear.