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Synonyms for bloodstain

to cover with blood

Words related to bloodstain

a discoloration caused by blood

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An Oregon State Police crime lab expert testified Friday that most of the DNA obtained from the bloodstain matched Johan Gillette's genetic profile.
It can also estimate the age of a bloodstain, something Dr Islam described as one of the "holy grails" of forensic science.
Jurors were told forensic analysis of bloodstains at her flat gave investigators clues about what happened to her.
In this combination reference and text, the authors introduce students to the objectives of bloodstain analysis and the classification of bloodstains from low-to high velocity, the medical and anatomical aspects of bloodshed (from medical conditions or trauma), the biological and physical properties of human blood and stain formation, passive stains, formation of spatter from a primary and secondary mechanism, impact spatter and that associated with a projection mechanism, altered patterns, directional analysis, documentation, evaluations at the scene, testing methods, and communicatiin of results.
CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL) has published 'Principles of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Theory and Practice,' a new book that focuses on the substantiation of blood evidence and uses scene and laboratory examinations in conjunction with forensic pathology, forensic serology, and chemical enhancement techniques.
Kent's head, for instance, was not only wrapped in bandages but boasted a bloodstain.
The Lifecodes laboratory used a method called restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) to match the victim's blood to a bloodstain on Wesley's shirt.
An investigator took the pillowcase to the department's forensic unit for bloodstain pattern analysis.
This textbook on crime scene reconstruction (CSR) methods provides students with the fundamentals of event analysis, crime scene protocol, bloodstain pattern analysis, gunshot investigation, forensic pathology and the human body.
Bloodstain pattern analysis with an introduction to crime scene reconstruction, 3d ed.
Dawson, of Fairview Green, Benton, was caught when his DNA was matched to a bloodstain found on a door.
VICTIMS:A knife and a bloodstain on the pavement at the junction of Prescot Road and Lilley Road,in Fairfield,left, and police lift up a bloodstained sweater Picture:; JASON ROBERTS
A small nonchalant blotch of reddish brown at the edge of a schoolyard is enough to suggest a bloodstain, evidence of some almost washed-away violence to a child.
A BLOODSTAIN found in the flat where missing financial adviser Lynda Spence was allegedly held and tortured matched her DNA, a court was told yesterday.
A BLOODSTAIN that belonged to a police worker killed when she was struck by a Midland Metro tram was later found on her partner's jacket.