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(of an eye) reddened as a result of locally congested blood vessels

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Dehydration can cause your eyes to become bloodshot. The solution is obvious: Stay hydrated.
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Aug 03 (ANI): Hollywood actor Lamorne Morris is set to join 'Fast and Furious' star Vin Diesel in the upcoming movie 'Bloodshot'.
A TEENAGE girl was sexually assaulted by a man with bloodshot eyes as she walked near a town's library.
My four-year-old cocker spaniel has runny, bloodshot eyes and seems laboured in breathing around this time every year.
bloodshot. Marrying metal in his heavy gloves, bringing justice to his
She, a woman of indeterminate age, red-faced, unkempt, gru-voiced, approached a passer-by incoherently in that edgy fashion that can degenerate from friendliness to aggression in the blink of a bloodshot eye.
They say his face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. Police say he failed a Breathalyzer test and was taken into custody.
The complaint says the 37-year-old reality show star smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and was unsteady.
Entrance is free and there is a complimentary welcome bloodshot for everyone, with free selected drinks for women.
It features Louis Jordan's 1939 song "Doug the Jitterbug," Wynonie Harris' 1950 R&B version of Hank Penny's "Bloodshot Eyes" and Bull Moose Jackson's 1947 "I Want a Bowlegged Woman," among others.
The driver's breath reeked of alcohol, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery.
Summary: Buckingham Palace has remained tight-lipped over the Queen's bloodshot eye at a polo match in Windsor on Sunday.
Even our dog miraculously becomes a car as he raises his bloodshot
His last album, Harlem River Blues (Bloodshot Records) picked up rave reviews and proved to be a more than worthy successor to previous efforts The Good Life and Midnight At the Movies.