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perennial woodland native of North America having a red root and red sap and bearing a solitary lobed leaf and white flower in early spring and having acrid emetic properties

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Modern research indicates that the traditional claims that bloodroot would cure skin cancers are valid, and that experiments being conducted in Japan on methods to reduce brain tumours have included the use of the alkaloid berberine; another constituent; sanguinarine, is now known to prevent dental plaque and is to be found in a number of proprietary toothpastes.
Instead of forest floors carpeted by picturesque arrays of trout lily or bloodroot, we have dense and oppressive monocultures of the ubiquitous garlic mustard, smartweed, Asiatic dayflower and Japanese stilt grass.
canadensis, known as bloodroot because of the red latex of its rhizome, is an important component of blacksalve [17].
Isoquinoline alkaloids are found in varying quantities in the prickly poppy, bloodroot, and celandine poppy.
Amy Greene earned critical acclaim for her debut novel, Bloodroot (2010), a New York Times best seller.
Lily of the Valley is toxic and could harm the water supply if you dump it down the drain, she said, and although Native Americans traditionally used bloodroot for natural dyes, ''it's not a large plant, so if you start using it for dye you're depleting the population.''
Some wildflowers, such as bloodroot, have leaves that envelop the flower like a lady's cloak for protection against the elements.
At 8,000 feet, the heartleaf arnica, like a yellow bloodroot, pushes Middle Atlantic time almost to the end of March.
Out of my heart the bloodroot, Out of my tongue the rose, Out of my bone the jointed corn, Out of my fiber trees.
"Salt-Water Geechee Mounds." Bloodroot." Reflections on Place by Appalachian Women Writers.
- Amy Greene Weatherford-Award-winning author of Bloodroot
Trilliums are first to blossom early in the spring, as well as bloodroot with its lovely, palm-like leaves and tiny yellow, blue and white violets.
mayapple, wake-robin, bloodroot, and the kids, itchy and hot,
Wildflowers like trillium and bloodroot flowering; behind the house, first morel mushrooms.