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a motor vehicle equipped to collect blood donations

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AGI designs and manufactures mobile units such as bloodmobiles, mobile dental or exam clinics, mobile command centers, prison transport vehicles, among other mobile vehicle projects.
A spokesman said: "A bloodmobile session requires three donor carers and a registered nurse to collect 35 units of blood during a five-hour session; while a session with nine beds, in a venue such as a church hall, requires one nurse and 11 staff to collect 135 units in five hours."
But in an email to one company which regularly held bloodmobile sessions the NHSBT said: "As of March 2014, NHS Blood & Transplant has decided to cease operating them (Mobile sessions) in the Midlands completely.
The Clinton Rotary Club sponsored the October Red Cross bloodmobile at the First Presbyterian Church in Clinton.
Christine Hinds-Payne, deputy customer services manager at Asda Cardiff Bay, said: "We are in total support of supermarket bloodmobile sessions.
The church had always had a bloodmobile blood drive; that year we had planned to take only lesbian blood.
The MDA technician apologized to the soldier, and the MDA bloodmobile was sent to her army base to personally take her blood donation.
With 43 deferred for various reasons, the Red Cross bloodmobile collected 322 units.
4 at Lincoln Land Community College bloodmobile -- register on the bun, 800 S.
Bloodmobile: Crater Lake Room at EMU, University of Oregon, University Street and East 13th Avenue, 11 a.m.
Riverside, CA, August 23, 2014 --( King Hamad University Hospital - Bloodmobile
An email from the organisation to a company that regularly hosts a bloodmobile says the decision has been taken to make the organisation "more cost effective" and move resources to frontline NHS services.
Inge's hobbies included sewing and gardening and volunteering countless hours with the American Red Cross Bloodmobile and Meals-on-Wheels programs.
This generally elderly group of donors requires more time to evaluate and process, which could bog down the regular donation routine of a bloodmobile. Besides, the beneficial psychological effect of returning to the scene of a positive previous donation (the hospital) would have been lost.