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a desire for bloodshed

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So when Sookie and Bill aren't wrestling with their own sexual passions, they find themselves combating a bigoted bloodlust against the stranger and outcast.
You can't contend that people everywhere harbor a residual psychological bloodlust, then fail to mention the majority of the world's population.
As America is currently engaged in war with Iraq, parallels will not be lost to readers as Durham transports them to the savagery and bloodlust of conflict in an ancient time before Christ.
But at first survival is more important than love; Orasmyn must leave his home if he is to live, and he travels to India and back, and then to France, trying to remain faithful to his Muslim beliefs and his love for literature while coping with the baser instincts of a beast, lust as well as bloodlust. With difficulty, he learns how to hunt and how to survive, but the need for love is not forgotten.
McDonald (NCR, Letters, April 2), I don't believe that Berry's observations went from "righteous indignation to vengeful bloodlust" while "Bole's approach embraces a balanced, compassionate Catholicism."
They are only capable of terrorising and destroying beautiful, harmless animals,in the name of sport, to satisfy their bloodlust.
They decry "Israeli bloodlust" and the "butchers of Tel Aviv."
(Wellspring) or a new boxed set of hilarious Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes (Rhino), featuring such venerable gay actors as Tommy Kirk (Catalina Caper) and Robert Reed (Bloodlust!).--Alonso Duralde
It only satisfies a self-generating bloodlust for revenge, a tit-for-tat spiral of death and suffering which drags hundreds into the cemeteries.
In the end, however, the film's treatment of rampaging hormones and unleashed bloodlust veers toward a bleak cautionary tale.
A growing number of outdoor sportsmen (and, increasingly, women) say there is, and they decry the tendency to lump all hunters together as thrill killers motivated by bloodlust.
Blending events from the brothers' adventures with audience expectations regarding Persian bloodlust, the dramatists exploit their audience's "dual desire for topicality and timeless adventure" (22).
Innocence of hydrogen weavings of carbon How do we arrive at hydrocarbons kindling to bloodlust?
Of the Keating Five, an investigation which Rudman helped oversee as vice-chairman of the Ethics Committee, he finds Alan Cranston to be "far and away the one acting most improperly." He virtually exonerates John Glenn and John McCain, and admits ruefully that the committee sacrificed them to public bloodlust. I quite agree.