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Synonyms for bloodletting

the savage killing of many victims

Synonyms for bloodletting

formerly used as a treatment to reduce excess blood (one of the four humors of medieval medicine)

indiscriminate slaughter

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Just as practitioners of bloodletting worked to assure the public, security experts work to assure us that their methods are working.
But among a handful of poorer, and sometimes remote, communities in India, where medical services are too costly, waiting lists too long or modern doctors simply not trusted, traditional practices like bloodletting are favoured.
In the 19th century, leeches were not limited to bloodletting but used as a common home remedy to treat gum disorders and haemorrhoids, and to relieve the pain of large bruises and arthritic joints.
But while there's the expected amount of fist-play and bloodletting, this is also a nicelymade movie that ably confirms suitably muscular Channing Tatum as a young talent to keep an eye on.
He said: "They will probably think that there will still be some bloodletting at the end of the season.
When Octavius and Tyrannus are abducted for a gladiator school, Tyrannus instructs Octavius to keep a low profile, an edict that, of course, he promptly disobeys, forcing copious bloodletting.
What the neo-imperialists leave out of their political simulations is the sad historical reality that the brief glories enjoyed by empires of the past have only been achieved after a great deal of violence and only maintained with an inordinate amount of bloodletting.
Higher-than-expected jobless claims in the US led to heavy falls on Wall Street and further bloodletting in the City.
And the spectre of violence cannot rise again if the bloodletting is ever to stop.
In fact, regular bloodletting can completely prevent the complications of the disorder.
Newer gamers shouldn't expect the sweeping combos and massive bloodletting one would find in ``God of War'' in this game.
And they are hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with mayhem on the scale of yesterday's disgraceful bloodletting.
The programme examines the rise and fall of the Gladiators, from their beginnings as a human sacrifice during funeral rites for wealthy families, through the violent bloodletting staged in front of 50,000 baying fans to their eventual fall at the vengeful hands of Christians.
From the Teotihuacan culture of central Mexico, early Classic-period Maya adapted concepts of warfare timed around the position of planets in the sky -- particularly Venus -- and sacrificial rituals involving bloodletting as conduits to their deities, according to the two researchers.
Society has digested cartoon-style violence for ages, but there always seemed to be an unwritten rule that Disney-style animated features should never venture into barbaric bloodletting.