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Synonyms for bloodletting

the savage killing of many victims

Synonyms for bloodletting

formerly used as a treatment to reduce excess blood (one of the four humors of medieval medicine)

indiscriminate slaughter

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Westmincom has tapped the assistance of the Rotary Club of Zamboanga, Ticket 1, Philippine Red Cross, and Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) to ensure the success of the bloodletting activity, he said.
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle celebrates 62nd birthday with a bloodletting drive at the Arzobispado de Manila in Intramuros (Photo from CBCP News / Twitter / MANILA BULLETIN)
In addition, it has a schedule of bloodletting and targets in all the city's barangays of donors estimated at 131,737 individuals.
The entire Middle East, Asia and Africa are immersed in savage bloodletting. There are more than 45 conflicts around the world today.
Kristin Hussey, curator at the RCP, said: "She was quite keen to see the bloodletting. And she said that she thought it was really fascinating."
Let us hope that Tuesday's bloodletting is the last time the people have sacrificed for the glitterati.
A leather strap (tourniquet) and a scalpel were used for venesection (bloodletting) as treatment for a wide range of maladies.
Former President said that the attacks on citizens and security forces and the bloodletting of innocent people cannot and must not be allowed to go on with impunity.
But, for about 2,000 years, bloodletting was one of the ( most common procedures performed by surgeons.
A landslide victory for the Tories could pave the way for "serious conversations" about the future of British politics as Labour faces "bloodletting" after the poll, Sir Vince Cable has warned.
It said the aim is to restore peace and security in south Sudan and stave off bloodletting and so that efforts would be veered to peace and development.
Bloodletting has been going on in Karachi for the past 27 yearsA|.the upcoming local government elections assume the status of a test (for the city), he asserted.Sirajul Haq said Karachi is a city of migrants and 'we love this city', adding Karachi can be transformed into a city like Turkey's Istanbul.He regretted that people who used to live a '3-marla' house are now residing in grand 'palaces'.
And after the ceremony, said to have even involved bloodletting, Cisse, 30 -- who comes from Senegal in West Africa -- returned to his winning ways.
Opens Friday THE STARS Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi THE VERDICT Supremely cool and elegant, Ana Lily Amripour's dreamy black-andwhite indie flick is an arthouse vampire film that's all about oddball style rather than old-fashioned bloodletting.