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Synonyms for bloodletting

the savage killing of many victims

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Synonyms for bloodletting

formerly used as a treatment to reduce excess blood (one of the four humors of medieval medicine)

indiscriminate slaughter

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He is right to indict the drones in Brussels and the bankers in Berlin for imposing budget austerity and unrealistic debt repayment schedules (he likens them to "medieval bloodletters").
"Curt was a guy with an extraordinary and powerful vision," says Carden, a working actor who found a home at EST early on, performing in plays like Richard Greenberg's Bloodletters. EST, according to its mission, "was founded in the belief that extra ordinary support yields extraordinary work."
How to reconcile Egypt's bloodletters is a significant issue for the presidential debate.
The 1971 Senate document mentioned above provides evidence that the Chinese communists are the world's greatest murderers, topping the worst bloodletters in all of history.
Despite what the bloodletters had hoped, whatever went wrong at Twickenham ten days ago has had no affect of the immediate future of the culprits.