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Synonyms for bloodiness

a disposition to shed blood

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Building on his previous--and indeed canon-redefining--work about the bloodiest and bloodiness of early modern texts, Christian Biet next argues that we should read early modern tragedy as both sublime (after Jacques Peletier du Mans) and grotesque, suggesting (after Wolfgang Kayser) that the stage be seen as a site for the return of the repressed.
But as the winds of the Civil War blew and the bloodiness of the battles were reported and witnessed, Whitman was sobered by the shadowy dance of Eros and Thanatos his poetry had not yet named.
The first-person narrator, Myriam, is condemned by the bloodiness of recent Lebanese history to suffer a deracinated life of pain and loss.
During childbirth and its attendant dangers, a labouring woman is immersed in the loss of self, the ambiguous mother-and-child being, and the bloodiness of the not fully human.
People are very variable, and right now I'm not sure I want that sort of implied bloodiness in my life.
Egypt's privately-owned daily Al-Misri al-Yawm stated: "His crimes and the massacres he committed against Palestinians and Arabs are witness to unprecedented racism and bloodiness.
clearly refers to the 1981 Springbok tour protest ('all those jog trotter policemen and you jammed / up crowded there and the bloodiness and shame SHAME
Eating of a human heart," Envy rides on a rhinoceros, "attired in red silk, suitable to the bloodiness of her manners; her left pap bare, where a snake fastens" (251-52).
One discerns bloodiness from the siren Another brandishes the manacles
But this was not the case before August 21, considering that the Syrian warring sides' upholding of the rules of war had spared the foreign players from intervening, despite this war's bloodiness and destructive effects.
It features a book-within-a-book, and an abundance of softly-lit religious imagery; forgotten saints, twists of scripture, an emphasis on the bloodiness at the source.
That is what our ancestors, for all their bloodiness, believed; and it is why they spoke about "reasonable doubt.
The bloodiness of the acts in an otherwise respectable late nineteenth century domestic setting is startling.
Given the bloodiness of the protracted fight, the heavy casualties suffered by the military and the murderous track record of the LTTE, the surrendees feared the worst (our interviews indicate).
Bloodiness suffuses both the mill room and landscape outside, a surrealistic realization of historical violence and violations: