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Antonyms for bloodily

involving a great bloodshed


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Since the end of World War I, the Kurdish people have been a pawn in the hands of players in the Middle East chess game played so hard, and often so bloodily. Throughout these years, all we, the Kurds, asked for was to be given a chance.
After the first shots rang out, a similarly dark drama unfolded, culminating in the death of another foreigner, 29-year-old Haftom Zarhum, an Eritrean migrant mistaken for the terrorist and bloodily beaten by bystanders.
A brutal video has surfaced of a male penguin bloodily beating a love rival -- after returning home to his nest to find him getting intimate with his wife.
Civil war had been raging in Somalia for over 17 years at that point, with rival factions, rebel militias, and groups of Islamic fundamentalists bloodily battling for control.
Isis regard their territory as the "caliphate" they have carved so bloodily out of swathes of Iraq and Syria.
Nourizadeh does well to build up the loose, ambling rhythms of Mike's life in the opening reel, making it all the more striking when he's accosted by two hitmen in the parking lot, and bloodily dispatches them with the aid of a spoon and a cup of instant ramen.
A 19-year-old man was rushed to hospital three Saturdays ago after staggering bloodily through the streets having been apparently attacked in front of stunned early evening shoppers at Old Eldon Square.
We often forget that the 1979 Iranian revolution was staged by leftists, students, nationalists, communists and others - but it was Khomeini's Islamists who succeeded in bloodily repressing all opponents.
What you expect to happen happens: John takes revenge, bloodily and methodically.
O'Mara and Bryan have no idea their client's paths will not only merge but crash bloodily into each other on the night of baseball's All-Star Game in San Francisco.
Then he's running, a pen protruding bloodily from his shoulder blade, from an overturned police van, staggering on to a road where he's promptly hit by a truck.
Summary: As the Syrian war grinds bloodily along in its fourth year the armed opposition has been coming under fire -- verbally -- over its military tactics, as it struggles to find ways to confront regime forces without generating negative political repercussions.
Protesters and security services clashed bloodily leaving nearly 100 people dead and scores injured.
Midsomer Murders (Wednesday, STV) celebrated the show's 100th episode by transporting itself from the bloodily bucolic settings of Midsomer to beautiful, beautiful – and it turns out deadly – Copenhagen.
Beijing : Three people were killed and many injured on Monday, police said, when a car ploughed into pedestrians and caught fire in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, the site of 1989 pro-democracy protests bloodily suppressed by the government.