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involving a great bloodshed


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The moment of the African American avant-garde writer on the Lower East Side was superseded in the second half of the 1960s by the Black Arts Movement, and interracial collaborations were replaced with a different mood as the rhetoric of "revolution" turned bloodily into the massacre of the Panthers and the frustrated madness of the Weathermen--among other things.
The best reasons for rejecting this call are the efforts of Daish to bloodily take the much-suffering people of Syria and Iraq back to their own vision of the past.
Police have since enforced the law, at times bloodily, and the government says it has no intention to amend it for now.
Whitechapel has been cancelled and there will be no more of the bloodily brilliant detective drama that starred Phil Davis.
It ended bloodily when the Algerian army stormed the site.
The latter is now the governor, and spends the entire first episode annoying everyone before being bloodily bumped off at the end.
The lives of 21 innocent people ended bloodily on that dark night in November 1974.
Word says Statham brings presence to a bloodily violent B-movie, but the distributor declined to screen to press.
Iran: As Syria s conflict grinds bloodily on, Iran threw its diplomatic muscle this week into trying to save its Damascus ally -- but Western observers said the effort was likely to worsen the crisis.
Iran's theocrats suppressed it bloodily, although their repression was subtler than bombing their people from the sky or machine-gunning them from rooftops and hovering helicopters as the regimes in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain have done.
Street protests demanding the removal of Syria's President Bashar Assad, many of them bloodily suppressed, have shrunk traffic at the country's ports and damaged its hopes of capitalizing on its position as a Middle East crossroads to grab a bigger share of transit business.
on the Syrian regime as long as it continues to bloodily repress its own
An English assault on the fort had been bloodily repulsed in July 1758, with the loss of 2,000 men.
It is way too bloodily aggressive in destroying lives.
Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 are two examples of when red army tanks and troops stamped on democracy and bloodily brought people and governments to heel.