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of unmixed ancestry

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But the film does not only focus on how the media may mishandle such situations, or even cold bloodedly exploit them.
The officers were in a coffee shop preparing for their shift when a gunman entered and cold bloodedly opened fire on them killing all of them on the scene.
Iqbal Masih, a bonded child labourer working in a carpet factory, was murdered cold bloodedly when he and two of his friends were riding bicycles in their home village of Muridke (Punjab) on Easter day (April 16) this year.
For many people," Murray and Herrnstein cold bloodedly conclude in The Bell Curve, "there is nothing they can learn that will repay the cost of teaching"
And America is angry, in the same way that we would be if our citizens had been cold bloodedly murdered by a terrorist and the convicted perpetrator released as part of a trade deal.
But Lord Justice Toulson, sitting with Mr Justice Bean and Judge David Paget QC, said Walsh had cold bloodedly murdered a potential witness, Rebecca, in order to camouflage his earlier crime.