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of unmixed ancestry

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"For many people," Murray and Herrnstein cold bloodedly conclude in The Bell Curve, "there is nothing they can learn that will repay the cost of teaching"
Sources further said that a Jirga was held last night at Jawaki, when the runaway woman and her aunt and a cousin for aiding and abetting in her fleeing from the house were cold bloodedly murdered on the orders of the Jirga.
And America is angry, in the same way that we would be if our citizens had been cold bloodedly murdered by a terrorist and the convicted perpetrator released as part of a trade deal.
But Lord Justice Toulson, sitting with Mr Justice Bean and Judge David Paget QC, said Walsh had cold bloodedly murdered a potential witness, Rebecca, in order to camouflage his earlier crime.
The man who was supposed to be a loving husband looks like an arrogant brute who accused his wife of having an affair and he cold bloodedly killed her and tried to hide his evil crime, although he could not because God knows what people do.
Carl had on a blue denim jacket, dark trousers, a shirt and a pullover when he was cold bloodedly blasted with a shotgun at point blank range