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Synonyms for bloodcurdling

causing great horror

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Synonyms for bloodcurdling

extremely alarming

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In the 10 years that Taliban have bloodcurdlingly terrorised the country, Pakistan has tried both talks and force to neutralise them.
THE VERDICT A tasty blend of horror and comedy that is just dark and clever enough to work as a bloodcurdlingly good movie.
"The sweetest, most beautiful, bloodcurdlingly damnable music ever produced by flesh, bones, fists, steel, strings - and an overload of earthshattering amplification
From 1957 through 1961, adds John Gaddis, "Kruschev openly, repeatedly, and bloodcurdlingly threatened the West with nuclear annihilation." (22) Fidel Castro's successful Cuban revolution on New Year's Day 1959, followed by the Bay of Pigs fiasco in April 1961, provided an opportunity for Soviet missiles to be located just off the coast of the U.S.
That paper, with its particularly strong influence, featured the fiercest notice in memory from the often-benign John Peter: "A play so bloodcurdlingly dreadful that I prefer to think Nelson wrote it at 14 and his English teacher told him to forget about it.