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Synonyms for bloodcurdling

causing great horror

Synonyms for bloodcurdling

extremely alarming

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But if it's super heinous and bloodcurdling, truly atrocious, complex crimes, I think they have a case.
I find myself in the unusual position of supporting the royal family of England, in celebrating their Germanic roots, and as a true Welshman can for the first time (and hopefully last) utter the bloodcurdling term "Ich Dien".
After an accident they are on a dark and lonely country road listening to bloodcurdling noises from deep within the nearby woods.
Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Sam Harris, Adolf Hitler, Thomas Jefferson, John Lennon, Bill Maher, Mark Twain and Geoige Washington Their Views are Outrageous, Moving, Shocking, Bloodcurdling, Infuriating and Funny
Before addressing today's formal agenda, I would like to say a few words about the bloodcurdling attack today in Pakistan.
When she visited me and saw the lack of scales, she gave out a bloodcurdling horror movie scream.
Pretoria (South Africa), July 2 ( ANI ): An acoustic expert has told a court in Pretoria, South Africa, that the bloodcurdling shrieks of blade runner Oscar Pistorius's dead girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp were a deafening 120 decibels after being shot at in their home.
Now her family has broken silence over her murder, claiming they beseeched her to go away from her bloodcurdling and unsafe homeland, which has reported 70 killings since the start of 2014 before her dreadful death.
Find out more about the bloodcurdling techniques of medieval medicine from the Barber Surgeon.
It was the latest in a long series of grisly and bloodcurdling predictions that Iranian military commanders have been making in an apparent effort to calm fears among the Iranian public that Iran's military cannot stand up to the US armed forces.
Few analysts believe North Korea's untried young dictator Kim Jong Un wants war, despite the bloodcurdling threats of recent weeks, but there are fears that a miscalculation could lead to dangerous escalation in the region.
The collection is wide ranging, from a bloodcurdling account of the story behind Davy Jones' locker, through the beautifully lyrical Japanese story, 'Mochimtsu's Music', to a modem day pirate story of exoticism with a surprising twist.
After his bloodcurdling threat of murdering activists - him being a minister is unacceptable
5 years ago SHOCKED residents described how they woke in the early hours to bloodcurdling cries for help as a man lay burning in the street.
They seem quite happy to torture their child and everyone else on the plane with their bloodcurdling screams, which penetrate even the most effective earplugs, just so they can go shopping or sunbathing.