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4, 5) VEGF is the major vasopermeability factor that disrupts the blood-retina barrier in Retinal vein occlusion(RVO) by inducing fenestrations in capillaries and venules.
The absence of Leishmania amastigote forms in the retina and optic nerve might be related to tropism of the parasite for certain tissues or to the presence of the blood-retina barrier.
London, Oct 13 (ANI): A single jab can now prevent people from losing their vision, thanks to researchers at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, who have developed a new method to inject drug into the blood by weakening the otherwise impermeable blood-retina barrier.
ECT enables the controlled, continuous delivery of therapeutic factors directly to the retina, thereby bypassing the blood-retina barrier.
12) performed wide-field angiography in a preeclamptic patient with HELLP syndrome and bilateral serous macular detachment and found peripheral retinal leakage, which they attributed to choroidal ischemia as well as blood-retina barrier dysfunction.