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1] For a hospital that sees approximately 500 patients with blood-related infections each year.
Deviations from the regular biconcave shape of a red blood cell are a significant indicator of blood-related diseases, whether they result from genetic abnormalities, from infectious agents, or simply from a chemical imbalance.
Disruption of key regulatory mechanisms underlies many blood-related Mendelian diseases but also contributes to more common disorders, including atherosclerosis.
Golden Meditech is the first and also the largest blood-related medical devices manufacturer in China, primarily engaged in the development, manufacture, sales and distribution of blood-related medical devices, with its major product line being the Autologous Blood Recovery System (ABRS), the plasma exchange system and the accelerated thermostatic infusion pump.
His so-called blood-related injury meant a specialist goal kicker could come on in the dying minutes of the game against Irish side Leinster, who eventually held on to win 6-5.
His so-called blood-related injury meant specialist goal-kicker Nick Evans could come on to the pitch in the dying minutes of the game against the Irish side, who held on to win 6-5.
He's not blood-related and I had never met him, but we are related by marriage.
The company, which is focusing on re-entering the blood-related cancer market, reported a net first-quarter loss of $28.
Carl Holland, the divisional operations manager at the trust's pathology laboratory, said: "This is particularly important in diagnosing and treating people who have blood-related malignancy, such as anyone with leukaemia or lymphoma or a reduced immune system, such as people who are HIV positive.
Umbilical cords are adult stem cells, and while valuable for certain blood-related diseases, they are difficult to harvest and grow and do not exist for every tissue type.
The Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry will hold its third annual evening of comedy Sunday to raise money that will help save those suffering from blood-related illnesses.
This year-long fundraiser remains dedicated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and its mission in supporting ongoing efforts to find a cure for blood-related cancers.
YOU'RE not blood-related, so legally there isn't any problem.
Quinine sulfate is indeed a well-known (and ancient) remedy for nocturnal leg cramps, and it is relatively benign, though it can (infrequently) cause blood-related side effects.
The Brazilian company has experience in marketing blood-related products, and is an affiliate of Tecnofarma SA, a major regional pharmaceuti- cal company in Buenos Aires.