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any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

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These assays start with PCR amplification of a number of genetic regions encoding various blood-group antigens. Target regions amplified by PCR are then hybridized to RBC antigen-allele-specific oligonucleotide probes, which have been linked to either glass slides (BLOODchip ID CORE XT, Progenika Biopharma, Biscay, Spain), colored silica beads assembled on silicon wafers (PreciseType HEA; Immucor, Norcross, Georgia), or fluidic bead suspensions (xMAP, Luminex).
Gao, "ABO blood-group antigens in oral cancer," Journal of Dental Research, vol.
Researchers explain that most blood banks still use a century-old blood approach to blood typing which identifies blood-group antigens on red blood cells--proteins that must match in donor and recipient to avoid potentially serious transfusion reactions.
Other remaining proteins are removed by a displacement chromatographic process that strips away blood-group antigens and other proteins, so Hemolink can be used by all patients regardless of blood type.
Read notes that the gene cloning may pave the way for identification of other blood-group antigens present on cancer cells, expanding the potential for treatment.