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Recalling his own military service, Issacharoff shared with his listeners a blood-curdling account.
Three other shoppers attended to the possessed woman by holding her still, but the woman let out a blood-curdling yell, and the shoppers stepped back.
Instead the public has to endure the blood-curdling ghoulish ear-splitting New York cop-style annoying siren.
THE post recently brought an expensively produced leaflet with plausible (though very questionable) arguments for remaining in the EU and blood-curdling warnings of the consequences if we leave.
The destruction of the great library of Alexandria is less blood-curdling than the massacre of the city's population, but it was certainly, as Milton suggests, an even more far-reaching disaster.
Quint being chomped alive; the severed head scene; that blood-curdling 'Der-der' music; "You're gonna need a bigger boat".
PROMETHEUS (Channel 4, tonight, 9pm) THE first Alien movie warned "In space no-one can hear you scream" but there's plenty of blood-curdling cries here as director Ridley Scott returns to his acid-forblood monsters more than 30 years after the original film came out.
A tense, at times blood-curdling saga featuring a wry, keen-witted Jewish protagonist, Diamonds from the Past is a unique treat for fans of the genre.
Meanwhile, Pistorius denied that Steenkamp fell onto the rack, suggesting that the police had moved it after the fact - a recurring theme in his testimony and also denied the neighbours' accounts that they had heard Steenkamp's blood-curdling screams.
WIN a Hallowe'en experience for 2 SCARE the undead daylights out of yourself and a friend with a blood-curdling Zombie Battle experience.
ENGLAND TODAY: There's blood-curdling galore at the At-Bristol science centre over half-term when Dr Blood visits.
Sarfraz was killed by the paramilitary troops in a park in a blood-curdling episode that was shown on national TV as the footage had been captured secretly.
In addition, many students are suffering from blood-curdling nightmares that include the dead girl and a malevolent feline spirit.
His was the latest in a series of blood-curdling warnings of the damage the Chancellor's axe could inflict on areas ranging from the armed forces to public sector workers, schools, firefighters and benefit claimants.
this blood-curdling cry startled me and I spun around to stare into the