blood-brain barrier

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a mechanism that creates a barrier between brain tissues and circulating blood

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21 Neuron show direct evidence that aging influences the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier and that accelerated deterioration could contribute to learning and memory problems later in life.
Led by Henry Daniell, a professor in Penn's School of Dental Medicine's departments of biochemistry and pathology and director of translational research, the researchers began their work by considering how they might breach the blood-brain barrier.
This study provides a non-invasive procedure that targets the blood-brain barrier and delivers large-molecule therapeutic agents to treat neurological lysosomal storage disorders," said Dao Pan, PhD, principal investigator on the study and researcher in the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children's.
Earlier, scientists and doctors found it quite difficult to treat patients suffering from depression because of the blood-brain barrier which is like a barrier that does not allow any chemicals to enter the brain.
It's the first time new 'biological' medicines have been delivered effectively across the blood-brain barrier to the brain.
Made up of a network of blood vessels, the blood-brain barrier prevents 95% of all chemicals from leaving the bloodstream and entering the brain.
We believe that by combining our knowledge of the work done in the area of blood-brain barrier transport and the resources of Roche, our collaboration is well positioned to make significant progress in a critical and challenging area in medical research.
SEATTLE -- Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors that cross the blood-brain barrier slow mental decline by about 50% relative to the decline seen in patients on other antihypertensives, an observational study of 1,074 hypertensive subjects followed for a median of 6 years shows.
Once armed and ready, these T cells break through the blood-brain barrier and enter forbidden territory--the central nervous system (e.
This document confirmed the lack of a blood-brain barrier between the nose and the brain, so that pesticides readily enter the body through the nose and pass directly to the brain.
For example, researchers have found that nanoparticles are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier, a surprising development because most pharmaceutical substances that target the brain actually fail to cross this barrier she said.
These "vaccines" stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that bind with drug molecules, making them too large to pass the blood-brain barrier and thereby neutralizing their psychoactive effects.
In particular one enzyme, called HSP 27, which helps to regulate blood-brain barrier permeability, was affected.
This device allows one to circumvent the blood-brain barrier.
Since protein contains relatively more of these other amino acids, protein-rich meals leave tryptophan behind in the race through the blood-brain barrier.