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Synonyms for blood

Synonyms for blood

the fluid circulated by the heart through the vascular system


the crime of murdering someone

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

noble rank or status by birth

Synonyms for blood

temperament or disposition

a dissolute man in fashionable society

people viewed as members of a group

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smear with blood, as in a hunting initiation rite, where the face of a person is smeared with the blood of the kill

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References in classic literature ?
Gathergold, and old Blood-and-Thunder, and Old Stony Phiz.
The blood-and-thunder Super League clash between Hull and Hull KR is followed by Barcelona versus Seville in a Copa del Rey final for the footballing purists.
Donizetti - Belisario Alaimo / El-Khoury BBC Symphony Orchestra/ Elder THIS is no newly unearthed operatic masterpiece but it's a stirring, melodic piece of military blood-and-thunder which fans of bel canto repertory will certainly enjoy.
Playing a stripped-down set consisting of just himself and guitarist Dave Cavallo, the New York-based musician substituted his usual stage-prowling, blood-and-thunder persona with a much more subdued, but no less enthralling performance.
champion "With Fire and Sword" (1999) to his credit, Hoffman excels at mixing lusty historical drama with blood-and-thunder military action.