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determining a person's blood type by serological methods

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Transfusion medicine company Grifols revealed on Tuesday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration approval for Erytra Eflexis, a fully automated, benchtop blood typing analyzer.
Having compared the sensor's performance with the mainstream blood typing technologies used in hospitals and pathological laboratories around the world, the team found it has the same accuracy - but it is also cheaper, faster and simpler to use.
As a challenge in The Blood Typing Game, users have different missions to achieve.
Clinics use various incentives such as health exams, vaccinations, free blood typing and transfusion if ever needed, and recognition for giving the "gift of life" to cats in critical need to entice cat owners to allow their cats to donate blood.
In their study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry , Gil Garnier and colleagues say that the inexpensive portable test could solve that problem of unavailability of sophisticated instruments for blood typing in poor countries.
The results were as accurate as conventional blood typing. "The paper diagnostics manufacturing cost is a few pennies per test and can promote health in developing countries," the report notes.
"People wouldn't make any major life decisions based solely on blood typing," she adds.
An FDA investigation found, according to Atkinson, "a series of errors at the Atlanta Red Cross in blood typing and testing, three other deaths the Red Cross failed to investigate properly and screening problems--donors allowed to give blood even after repeatedly testing positive for illnesses like Hepatitis C." But these facts were deleted from the FDA's public report.
The book is available on the Internet, as is information on special diets for specific blood types and home blood typing kits, she observed, adding that "unsubstantiated medical claims in the popular literature emphasize the need for the evaluation of alternative medicine theories as well as therapies."
The book is available on the internet as is information on special diets for specific blood types and home blood typing kits.