blood sport

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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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While I've personally never been much for blood sport, I appreciate Chapple's willingness to challenge the urban romanticization of nature that sometimes confuses animal rights with species protection, or pastoral landscapes with the genetic diversity found in bug- and leech-ridden rainforests.
Blood Sport, by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James B.
While Stewart's account of these matters is clearer and far more engrossing than the dribs and drabs of the media reporting and the congressional hearings, "Blood Sport" is much less satisfying on the question of why this Lilliputian episode should vex the national conscience or even why anyone would want to read more about it.
That "industry" is a blood sport out of control, with certain members breaking the law regarding the killing of birds of prey and classing any creature that may affect grouse numbers as vermin.
The only place for blood sport should be in our history books so we should never witness the horrific suffering again.
Originally a blood sport patronised by landowners and their workers alike, it has been illegal for more than 150 years.
Around 20 men and women, wearing black balaclavas and black combat gear, descended on the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt in Chidding- stone soon after it started to protest about the blood sport, which could be in its last season if Parliament bans it.
In Washington, reaction to Blood Sport has been colored by those two extremes.
But more than 50 politicians want it to be the last - in which 41 million birds are purpose-bred in cages and pens for the blood sport.
It has emerged in recent days that the blood sport is now being promoted by younger members of the families of former veteran cockfight organisers in the Cavan/Fermanagh and Monaghan/Tyrone cross-border region.
League chief executive Douglas Batchelor said: ``This hearing was always a PR exercise designed to create the impression that blood sport enthusiasts were as shocked as the public by the footage we released of the Plas Machynlleth's sadistic activities.`` The Federation of Welsh Packs is investigating the pack, which it has suspended.
"These people may enjoy this activity but they forget that over four million animals are killed every year for the sake of a few weeks' blood sport."
OUR loyal readers have been right behind our campaign to keep the ban on the barbaric blood sport - and today we thank you.
BLOOD SPORT: Pro-hunt supporters are driven back by police during an anti-blood sport demonstration at the Waterloo Cup today
Hunters prefer to keep their unpleasant secrets out of the public eye, but it is important to examine what really happens in the industry before MPs vote tomorrow on a Tory plot to revive the blood sport by the back door.