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an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulates

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Low-molecular substances-triacylglycerol and cholesterol in the blood serum of poultry were determined using automatic analyzer ADVIA 1200 (Siemens, Germany).
That is our goal for Power3's BC-SeraPro[TM] blood test and our patent applications, which are based on the results from more than 750 patient and control blood serum samples.
OTCBB:PWRM), a leading proteomics company specializing in the development and commercialization of diagnostic tests for early detection of breast cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, is providing an interim status report of its international validation study of the company's NuroPro([R]) blood serum biomarker test for Alzheimer's disease.
Early results indicate a limit to the stability of the DR-70 tumor marker being analyzed in the blood serum samples stored in an unfrozen state for several months.
The previous study from a US patient population demonstrated that the blood serum protein biomarkers used in the NuroPro([R]) diagnostic test have the ability to consistently distinguish between Parkinson's disease patients and normal control subjects.
The Hershey study of 131 samples of blood serum run from advanced cancer patients indicated that the COD Test, a blood test for monitoring breast cancer patients, is capable of recognizing progression or recurrence of breast cancer one to eight months in advance of detection by physicians.
Proteomics Company Certified to Continue Offering Blood Serum Based Tests, BC-SeraPro[TM] and NuroPro[R]
This creates a liquid commonly known as blood serum.
Thirty-five patients with cirrhosis and blood serum markers for hepatitis B DNA will be enrolled in the study.
The Power3 test could provide the answer with its identification of protein biomarkers for Alzheimer's and the development of a blood serum diagnostic.
The researchers also found that blood serum from preeclamptic women stifled development of human blood vessel cells growing in lab dishes, while serum from healthy women stimulated cell growth.
The editorial, entitled "Blood Based Proteomics for Personalized Medicine, Examples From Neurodegenerative Disease," outlines how "proteins in the blood serum can tell us what disease pathways and mechanisms.
PID strains, for example, aren't killed by human blood serum and thrive in the blood of infant rats.
Biomarkers In Human Blood Serum Can Identify Neurodegenerative Disease
They chose as a minimum safe concentration 15 nanograms of 25-hydroxyvitamin D per milliliter of blood serum.