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an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulates

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According to him, another 23 blood serum samples were taken from Kampung Lubong yesterday, making it 30 samples in total so far.
'Antayin natin yung kumpletong profile noong patient kasi kinunan daw ng blood serum examination ito,' Duque said.
The researchers also observed considerable variation in the lipid-lowering drugs' ability to reduce the formation of linear-shaped cholesterol particles in the blood serum samples.
The average Mn concentration of the subjects' blood serum (B-Mn) was 2.745 [micro]g/l and 274.85 [micro]g/l for shorter than 3 months (N = 35) and 3-12 months working experience (N = 35), respectively (there were 5 different workstations and 7 samples were selected per each station).
A Phase III study revealed that with ZS-9, patients with hyperkalaemia had significantly reduced or normal levels of blood serum potassium within 48 hours, lasting up to 28 days.
The majority of TBA-reactive substances (TBARS) is malondialdehyde; thus, the concentration of MDA in blood serum was expressed as [micro]M MDA.
Inadequate vitamin D was defined as those with less than 15 nanograms per milliliter of blood serum, consistent with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies, which publishes references and requirements for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for healthy people.
The aptasensor can detect cocaine in human blood serum at detection limit of 150 picomolar.
Ziya Boslu, H.y.'s father, took her to a close by private hospital immediately but transferred to EyE-p State Hospital as there was no necessary blood serum for the treatment.
In addition to blood serum iron was also deposited in all the organs studied.
So, the outcome of ballast proteins from of the blood serum received from the 3-10 year pregnant mares on the average was from 52,4 % to 56,0 %, outcome of centrifugate--from 44,0 % to 47,6 %.
Scientists at Nottingham Trent University tested 57 products from 10 retailers and found that seven contained undeclared offal while five contained blood serum.
Washington, March 3 ( ANI ): Researchers have developed a new methodology for rapidly measuring the level of antibiotic drug molecules in human blood serum, paving the way to applications within drug development and personalised medicine.
In analyzing blood serum samples from 349 animals including camels, cows, sheep and goats, no MERS antibodies were found in blood serum taken from 160 cattle, sheep and goats from the Netherlands and Spain.
Summary: For comparing the human blood serum and drinking water fluoride levels of subjects with dental fluorosis and bony deformities, this study is carried out with individuals ranging 8-17 age group fluorinated Sham Ki Bhatiyan, Punjab (endemic) and Queens Road, Lahore, Punjab (non- endemic) areas.